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I Have Decided to Get Tummy Tuck; but I Was Told That I Have Visceral Fat? (photo)

I want to have TT; but during a consult one of the PS stated I have visceral fat. This has made me question if I will see results from the surgery. I... READ MORE

Can I Have a Safe, Long Lasting Tummy Tuck Done if I Have Visceral Fat? (photo)

I'm 49 yrs old, 5'0" 128-130 lbs. & non-insulin diabetic. I've been told I have visceral fat by 2 different PS's. My mid-section is rather hard... READ MORE

Diastasis Recti vs Visceral fat?

Are there any tricks for telling the difference between the two on yourself? I've had 2 kids, and I have a lot of SubQ fat (which I'm hoping to lose).... READ MORE

Too Much Visceral Fat for Any Help? Thank You for This Site! (photo)

I am 39 (168cm/77kg) and today I consulted a surgeon about a tummy tuck or similar to help me with my protruding belly. He told me that he could not... READ MORE

After tummy tuck, can the visceral fat be lost after the procedure over time?

If you were told by a plastic surgeon that you are a good candidate for a tummy tuck but would still have some visceral fat (some fullness) in your... READ MORE

So broken and shocked. Went in for a tummy tuck consult and was told I was too fat. (Photos)

I went to see a plastic surgeon 4/9/17. I walked out in shock and broken. Not only did he say I had a lot of visceral fat , he had his nurse hand be a... READ MORE

How can I self check for visceral fat?

I read in some of the threads that the fat you can pinch is what can be removed during lipo- tummy tuck surgery? Is this the truth or a myth? How do... READ MORE

Too much visceral fat for Tummy tuck???? (photos)

I'm worried I have too much visceral fat to have a good result with a full tummy tuck. With lipo can I expect a more defined waist? I do not want to... READ MORE

Tummy tuck candidate- Diastasis or visceral fat? (Photo)

I had abdominal laser liposuction about a year ago and didn't see the improvement I expected to see. I was also left with and indention, where too... READ MORE

How can I tell if my abdominal fat is visceral?

I carry all of my excess weight is my stomach. It is very flabby and loose. Not tight at all. Is there a way for me to tell if it's visceral or not? READ MORE

Am I good tummy tuck candidate? (Photos)

Getting a tummy tuck on 11/1 and have been reading a lot about visceral fat. I've had three LARGE babies (haha) and therefore assume this stomach is... READ MORE

"Ridge" after tummy tuck. Is this normal?

I had a tummy tuck 3 yrs ago. i still have pain/tingling in the area. when i sit up, or do situps, this "ridge" or "mountain" pops out. pretty sure... READ MORE

Could my figure significantly improve from a full TT/Muscle Repair/Lipo on the flanks (IF) I have Visceral Fat? (Photo)

Met my PS 4/5, he recommended that I lose 5lbs, believes I have some Visceral Fat. I've been working out/eating healthier, just saw him for pre-op, I... READ MORE

Is there any type of diagnostic test that can be done to tell if I have visceral fat or a hernia?

Is there any type of diagnostic test that can be done to tell if I have visceral fat or a hernia. The more weight I lose the more my stomach protrude... READ MORE

Is 2 months enough time to lose visceral fat for a TT scheduled January 13, 2015? (Photo)

I am desperately trying to lose as much visceral fat in my belly to get good results. I read this on someone's post - "I also had visceral fat but... READ MORE

How can I tell if I have Visceral Fat Or Subcutaneous fat I asked about getting a Tummy Tuck and was told it won't help. (photo)

I was told I have Visceral Fat and A Tummy Tuck won't do anything for me I see people with before and after photos who have a stomach that looks like... READ MORE

Can visceral fat from HIV meds be removed with plastic surgery and how?

I have fat in my abdomen from taking strong meds years ago. I am off those meds and want to get this hard fat off my belly. I exercise everyday and... READ MORE

Abdominoplasty or Lipo? (photos)

I am 42, 4 children, 7 months post natal. Never had stretch marks nor a C-section I currently weigh 155lbs, weight pre pregnancy around 140. Alot of... READ MORE

Scheduled tummy tuck/lipo. Do I need to loose more weight to be happy with results? 5 ft 2 & 155lbs (Photos)

I am a 34 yr old with 5 repeat csections. I currently have a TT/lipo scheduled for the middle of feb. My doc told me I would see a major difference... READ MORE

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