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Can a Car Accident with Direct Impact of my Stomach and Breast to the Steering Wheel and Seat Belt Effect my TT and BL?

1mth 2 dys po involved in accident. Stomach & chest were slammed into steering wheel and jolted backed by the seatbelt, no air bag. stomach is... READ MORE

Could I have a neuroma or a nerve entrapment? 10 months Tummy tuck post-op painful to touch belly

During my 14 day po TT I suffered a trauma to my abdomen when my son accidentally jammed his elbow into my MR area. Since then and now 10 mth post-op... READ MORE

My Doctor Tells Me That I Have a Belly Button Trauma, How is That Treated?

He took the stitches 3 weeks after the surgery, and told me that the wound could open because of the belly button trauma, could I got an infection? I... READ MORE

When is it okay to get a brazilian wax after lipo of pubic area and tt?

I am 5 mos po tt. My tt incision is right on the hairline. My surgeon also lipoed my pubic area. I have not had a wax because my incision just stopped... READ MORE

Tummy tuck with a partial hysterectomy. Is it typical to do lipo at a different time due to trauma in the body?

I am 43 mother of two one c section. Getting ready for a partial hyst with a full TT. My doctor said he could work with my Gynecologist and perform... READ MORE

Had TT 04/2017 and it went horribly wrong. Had a serious infection that needed 2 debridements. Will it be ok to leave it as is?

 I was so out of it, in pain, and pain medication, that I don't remember much, but I was told by my husband (once we were home) the Surgeon that... READ MORE

Tummy tuck incision, does the middle of my incision look okay? (Photos)

Does the middle of my incision look worrisome? I had TT 9 days ago and have tape that I keep covered and was told to change twice per week. This is... READ MORE

Dental problems but I want my TT very soon. Get my teeth fixed 1st or can I go under without fixing my teeth first?

Can I still get a TT with dental issues? Or is it smarter to take care of my dental problems before surgery? Will having a really bad cavity or two... READ MORE

Is Tummy tuck required following trauma to stomach resulting in skin stretching in car accident? (photos)

Two months ago I was involved in a car accident. The seatbelt caused a band of haemotomas in lower abdomen. I am a big girl already and currently... READ MORE

Can budging after abdominoplasty cause future issues? (Photo)

Several years ago, I had an abdominoplasty. A week after the surgery, I was sitting in a computer chair, and a friend (who forgot I had surgery),... READ MORE

Will my belly button will ever get back to normal and when can I start working out? (Photo)

How long do you have to wait until to workout, and will my bellybutton will ever turn to a normal color? after having a Tummy tuck, minor flank lipo,... READ MORE

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