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Plastic Surgery School That Offer Discount?

I would like to know if they're any plastic surgery schools in Los Angeles CA that offer tummy tucks at a discounted price Ive had 3 children and my... READ MORE

I'm a 26yr Old with LUPUS (SLE) and Thinking of Having Tummy Tuck + Lipo is It Safe ?

Been 5 yrs with lupus and I've gained a lot of weight with the prednisone and soon I'm going to start a new med called BENLYSTA and I would like to... READ MORE

Training Hospital to Help Cut Costs of Tummy Tuck?

Several doctors have stated that for a more of a cheaper rate to maybe go to a teaching hospital. Does any of the doctors in St. Louis know where I... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck For Someone Without the Funds?

I know their must be a lot of people.asking this but is their a way or someon can help with a tummy tuck I just don't have a lot of money and I would... READ MORE

I am trying to find a doctor so I can be a guinea pig for a tummy tuck?

Is it safe to be a guinea pig i would really like to have one done. READ MORE

How Much DoesTeaching Hospitals in Houston, TX Charge for Tummy Tuck?

I am looking for a teaching school to have a tummy tuck.I want to know what price range I would be looking at. READ MORE

Any Plastic Surgery Residency Programs in Alabama That Perform Tummy Tucks and Liposuction?

I wanted to ask if there are any medical programs in alabama that have a residency program for plastic surgery for body contouring? the only one i... READ MORE

Where Are the Teaching Schools in Dallas TX That Do Tummy Tucks and Possibly Take Care Credit?

I have had 2 c-sections and with my 2nd child, my ab split. I hate this bulge in my upper ab and I am so not comfortable with body right now. I just... READ MORE

Are there any plastic surgery schools in NC/VA that offer discounted plastic surgery?

I'm getting bariatric surgery soon and know I will need plastic surgery after the weight is gone. I will need a tummy tuck and breast... READ MORE

Can teaching hospital do multiple procedures at the same time? (Photo)

I have a consultation coming up for a tummy tuck,I also would like my breast fixed I had a dounut lift two years ago with implants. you can see a... READ MORE

How do i set up a consultation at houston teaching hospital for a tummy tuck?

How do i set up a consultation at houston teaching hospital. For a tummy tuck? READ MORE

Is it safe to get a tummy tuck done at a teaching school?

I booked the surgery, but as it gets closer I'm getting nervous! I'm not sure if I made the right choice just to save a good penny. The Dr. that will... READ MORE

Are there any medical schools or surgeons that offer free cosmetic surgery?

I really need a tummy tuck. I had a C-section years ago and I really need this procedure done as I cannot loose that weight. I also had a hysterectomy... READ MORE

Is it safe to go to a plastic surgery school for a tummy tuck?

And what is the average for a tummy tuck at the plastic surgery school? READ MORE

What are the closest teaching hospitals to Greenville SC for cosmetic surgery-for abdominoplasty in particular?

I would like to get a quote from a teaching hospital for a full tummy tuck. I am unable to afford the price and am hoping a teaching hospital will... READ MORE

Is there a university near central Florida that may provide lower cost tummy tuck procedures?

I recently had bariatric surgery and lost allot of weight. Now I have a great deal of skin. Although I have lost the weight I feel worse with all the... READ MORE

Reputable NJ teaching hospital with discounted ps for a tummy tuck hernia repair, muscle repair, minor flank and back lipo?

Anyone have info on reputable new jersey teatching hospital with discounted plastic surgery for tummy tuck, hernia repair, muscle repair, minor flank... READ MORE

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