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How Long Until You Can Use Sunbeds After a Tummy Tuck? Good For Scarring?

Ive just had a tummy tuck 2 weeks ago and im really pleased so far, no pain and i feel as if i could run a marathon already! however i was wandering... READ MORE

Does a Suntan Affect Healing?

I am noticing on after photos of breast procedure patients that they have new and very pronounced tan lines. My understanding is that sun exposure... READ MORE

Tanning After a Tummy Tuck?

I am one month post tummy tuck and am interested in tanning. If I use sunscreen and cover the scars, will the scars be okay? READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait to Tan After a Tummy Tuck?

I am 4 months post op as of march 14th and with spring just around the corner was hoping I would be able to start tanning in April or may. READ MORE

How Soon After Full TT Can I Get in the Tanning Bed and Get in the Ocean?

How soon after my TT can I get back in the tanning bed and actually get in the water at the beach? I'm not one to have a beach bod, with a full TT... READ MORE

If I Cover my Four Wk TT Scar Can I Use a Sunbed?

I'm going on a cruise 7wks after a TT I'm healing really well,can I cover my tummy area an use a sunbed before I go. I don't plan to spend any length... READ MORE

Should I Avoid Getting a Tan on my Belly Before my Tummy Tuck?

I will be traveling to Cuba 6 weeks before my TT. I will wear a 2 piece bathing suit and I tan quite easily. Will this cause a problem with my skin on... READ MORE

Tanning After Tummy Tucks?

I understand that tanning is not good .. but if you cover the incision with gauze and tape.. would tanning affect the incision? READ MORE

Is it alright to tan after tummy tuck?

I go indoor tanning usually in the stand up booth but summers coming so ill be on the beach hopefully after my incision heals up. Surgery may 20th. I... READ MORE

Why can't I tan my stomach after a Tummy tuck?

I am having a full TT with muscle repair and lipo in April. My PS said that I shouldn't get any sun whatsoever on my entire stomach all summer long. I... READ MORE

Will Going on Holiday 3 Weeks Before a Tummy Tuck Effect my Final Results?

I am going away to Spain 3 weeks before I have vasor and a tummy tuck. There is no doubt I will get a tan when I'm abroad, so will this be an issue... READ MORE

When can I use a tanning salon?

I ad a TT in October. I would like to get a base tan, but I'm worried avout how it would affect my scar. I'm currently using mepitac tape. READ MORE

Tanning after Tummy tuck. Any suggestions?

I had a tummy tuck about 4 months ago and was wondering if it would be ok for me to go tanning. I know it could make the scar worse so I would cover... READ MORE

How soon after a tummy tuck can I use a tanning bed, if I wear a one piece?

If I am planning on wearing a one piece (which would cover the scars completely), when can I start using a tanning bed? I would wear the one piece... READ MORE

Tanning after tummy tuck?

I had a tummy tuck on January 4. I usually tan in a tanning bed (terrible, I know!) and I have a pool at home and I am usually in the sun on the... READ MORE

Post surgery and sun tanning?

When having a tummy tuck / leg lift etc. How long is it usually recomended for patients to avoid tanning so as not to darken the scar tissue? READ MORE

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