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Black Spot Along Tummy Tuck Incision Necrosis or Just a Burn?

21 days post tummy tuck w/lipo. Smoke free before and after. I'm diabetic, sugars have been good before & better after, I got a black spot in... READ MORE

Had A FTT 18 Days Ago and I Have a Few Yellow Spots Along my Incision Line is This Normal or a Sign of Infection?

I am not flat on my lower tummy like most people and my swelling concentrates on that area also, it feels really hard and i am so scared of staying... READ MORE

Is this "normal" ? I'm 20 days post op, tummy tuck surgery and I'm so worry about this spot. (photos)

Is this the start of an infection? Should I be worry about it?. Im 20 days post op tummy tuck surgery, next apt in 2 weeks or is this " normal" (part... READ MORE

Ditch/indentation/caved in spot after FTT and MR 5 mths post op. Revision? (photos)

A Ditch has developed 3 months post op from FTT with MR I am now 5 months. I have also noticed I'm a bit more swollen than usual. I have not gained or... READ MORE

Almost 3 months post tummy tuck. A spot on my scar has opened up and now another spot that's very soft. Is this normal? (Photo)

The first spot that has opened up is on the right of the zoomed in photo and the very soft new spot is to the left of the first one. When I press on... READ MORE

What visual imaging device is best for finding problem in abdomen after Tummy tuck?

I have sore spot near belly button which is sore most days sometimes very sore sometimes less so. What is best to detect a problem : MRI / ultrasound... READ MORE

I had a lipotuck two weeks and a two days ago. There's a spot near my belly button, it hurts less if I push it. Is this normal?

It seems as though my right side is more sore than the left and towards the end of the day there is a spot on my right side of the belly button that... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about small scabby looking spot on tummy tuck incision, 5.5 weeks post op? (Photo)

I noticed what looked like a tiny scab on the incision of my tummy tuck a few days ago. When I got out of the shower today the "scab" felt soft and... READ MORE

10 days post op circumferential Tummy Tuck. Is this necrosis? (photos)

I saw my PS yesterday. He said that there were "a couple of black spots" but "don't worry, it won't happen". I didn't know what he meant until today... READ MORE

Two open spots on tummy tuck incision 3 1/2 mos post op. Dr can't help. Never seen this before. Desperate. Please help (Photo)

I am 3 1/2 mos post op. Two open blisters on incision line that have popped and won't heal. I have done a round of antibiotics in case of infection.... READ MORE

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