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3 Weeks Post Op TT, Desperate? (photo)

I developed necrosis the very next day of surgery. I stopped smoking two weeks prior and haven't smoke since. Im very frustrated as I decided to do... READ MORE

Can necrosis occur in someone who has stopped smoking 4 weeks prior to a tummy tuck?

It will be 4 weeks from the date i stopped smoking till the date of my tummy tuck and I am starting to worry about this condition. Is there anything... READ MORE

Tampa area looking to get tummy tuck and Lipo? (photo)

I am 50 y.o. 5' 6" 160 pounds wanting to schedule a tummy tuck and lipo in the next six weeks. While in between jobs. I just quit smoking, will I... READ MORE

I Would Like to Have a Tummy Tuck at the Same Time As my Hysterectomy. Do You Think It's Too Risky?

I have a history of GERD and I quit smoking 8 wks ago, otherwise I am in good health. READ MORE

I just quit smoking but want to have a tummy tuck and lipo?

I wanted to quit smoking and felt this would be an excellent motivator for getting a tummy tuck and lipo. I wanted to get this done while I am in... READ MORE

Smoking post/prior to surgery.

I have been a smoker for about 5 years. I smoke 4-5 cigarettes a day. I am scheduled to have my TT on November 25, 2014 which is 7 weeks away. My... READ MORE

36 years old. Healthy. I am a smoker. I have scheduled tummy tuck surgery on November 2015.

When do i need to stop smoking to minimize risk? Being realistic its hard for me to quit cold turkey.....Scares some surgeons wont do the surgery..... READ MORE

What puts people at a higher risk for complications?

I just would like to know, what puts you at a higher risk for complications? For example, blood pressure underlying infections or stress? I'm pretty... READ MORE

Is there anything I can take to help with recovery since I am a smoker? (photo)

My doctor doesn't require you stop smoking for a TT, or any procedure. After reading RS reviews, I plan on quitting in 2 days which only leaves me 2... READ MORE

Smoking and tummy tuck?

So I been reading a lot about this and I haven't stoped smoking before my tummy tuck.. and i am 4 days post op and tomorrow I go and get re dressed,... READ MORE

Should I stop smoking before my TT?

I'm 32, had 2 C-sections and am so ready for my TT and breast implants. I've smoked for years, but was told to stop before the surgery. Easier said... READ MORE

NRT before surgery ok?

I was heavy smoker and stopped 2 month's now. I used patches . I'm having surgery in few days tt lipo bbl ..will I be okay? READ MORE

How long prior to abdominoplasty should you quit nicotine?

Most doctors say 6 weeks to be safe. But would quiting 1 week before surgery pose any serious risks? Wouldn't the nicotine be completely out of my... READ MORE

How long before and after a tummy tuck can recreational drug use be resumed?

I know it's be best to stop using drugs all together, however I occasionally use Molly and cocaine when I'm at concerts. I am also a smoker and my Dr.... READ MORE

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