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Cold Symptoms 4 Days Before Surgery?

My TT surgery is on Fri and I have cold symptons today(Mon). My PS office called in ZPak which I started today. Should I go in for the surgery? I have... READ MORE

Can I Take Zithromax Before my Surgery on Monday?

I tested positive for strep today. Will this be a problem for my scheduled Tummy Tuck? READ MORE

Can You Undergo a Tummy Tuck with Cold/coughing Symptoms?

I am scheduled for a tummy tuck on Friday. Last Sunday, I started with cold symptoms and have been coughing ever since (today is Wed.) Talked to the... READ MORE

Cold Prior to Tummy Tuck Surgery

Hi. I am having a huge issue this morning. I have a tummy tuck/abdominalplastly scheduled for Thursday (3 days from now) but I have a slightly bad... READ MORE

Will having a cold affect surgery (adominoplasty)?

I'm scheduled in 3 days for tummy tuck and everyone around me seems to have a cold I keep eating fruits n veg trying to make sure I don't catch it but... READ MORE

Is It Normal To Be Still Wiped out After Tummy Tuck?

My tummy tuck surgery was a week ago. I am still so wiped out I can't be up very long before I want to sit in my chair and rest. Everything I eat... READ MORE

TT in 10 Days Can I Take Zicam? Afraid I May Be Getting a Cold.

Im having a TT in 10 days and I've been having post nasal drip. I'm afraid of getting a cold, can I take zicam 10 days before a TT? The ingredients in... READ MORE

Can you have a Tummy Tuck if you are sick?

I am a week away from my tt, and I have a small cold. I'm so excited for the surgery I'm paranoid if I still have the cold it will be cancelled. Under... READ MORE

Why would I have a non stop headache and flu like feeling 11 weeks post tummy tuck? Wound opened and infection? (photo)

Is that why? I was recovering I thought great till 4 weeks when my wound opened...infection, antibiotics ( not on now) and 3 debridements followed.... READ MORE

Painful Lymths After TT with Lipo to Flanks 3 Weeks PO. Encountered a friend with MRSA, What Should I Look Out For?

Painful Lymths After TT with Lipo to Flanks at Least 2 weeks. I Have not been sick in years (10 +) Recovery is has been good considering my age (59+ a... READ MORE

Sick After Tt Flu Like No Fever?

I am 19 days po from a full tt Mr and Lipo to the flanks. My incision seems fine other than feeling stiff and sore. The past few days I've been... READ MORE

Surgery is Thursday, kids diagnosed with strep. Is there anything I can do to prevent having to reschedule the surgery?

As stated above I am scheduled for tummy tuck/muscle repair on Thursday feb 19 2015. (In 3 days). My kids have been diagnosed with strep today. I... READ MORE

I feel sick, dizzy and tired after a complicated tummy tuck surgery. Is it normal?

Hi, i have had a full tummy tuck a week ago, but i believe it was not a smooth procedure.. right after the surgery i needed 3 blood transfusions, and... READ MORE

Sickness bug after tummy tuck 8 days po (Photo)

I'm 8 days po of tummy tuck My daughter has come down with a sickness bug I'm now scared I will get this and what will happen if I do with my internal... READ MORE

Could I have damaged my muscle plication ???

Had my tt in May straight after surgery I was completely flat, but I was sick a lot !!! And had a hemotoma but now it's September and just started... READ MORE

Safe to get a decadron shot 3weeks before FTT and BA?

I'm having a FTT and a BA in a little less than 3 weeks, I think I'm getting sick (i.e. Sore throat and ears). Well the nurse at my job is big on... READ MORE

Sick after tummy tuck? What can I do about the coughing and sneezing? (Photo)

I had a tummy tuck done on 1/10/17 and since yesterday I started feeling sick. I have a cold and I'm trying not to sneeze or cough but it so hard not... READ MORE

Feelings after Tummy Tuck Lipo Muscle Repair

It's week 2 and I have to wear my binder and Spanx for 8 weeks. When I take these garments off (just to wash) I feel like something is missing on my... READ MORE

It's seems like ever since my Tummy Tuck, I get sick a lot after eating. Is this normal?

It's seems like ever since my TT I get sick a lot after eating. I have to be really careful how much I eat and what types of food I consume. I'm not... READ MORE

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