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Showers or Baths After Tummy Tuck?

I am scheduled for a tummy tuck. I take baths every night and was wondering if I need to refrain from that and switch to showering??!! READ MORE

My Tapes from Tummy Tuck Fell After 8 Days. Is This Ok?

Hello! I had my tummy tuck a week ago (8 days) and I finnally took a shower after I got my drenages pipes removed. I have taken 3 shower after that... READ MORE

2nd drain removed at day 43 post op & no showers until day 52 days! Is this common? (photo)

Is this common? Could the drains have cause an infection leading to necrosis? Both drains were painful to be removed but the 2nd one was definitely... READ MORE

Can you shower after a Tummy Tuck?

Many of the posts I have read talk about being able to shower soon after sugery (tummy tuck) and ways to keep the drains out of the way. My doc said... READ MORE

Is it required by all doctors for patients to take a full shower 1 day post op?

I went in for my 1 day post op appt & they are dead set on my showering today & everyday thereafter. I am terrified. When they took off my binder at... READ MORE

Is It Ok To Wash With Chlorhexidine Gluconate for your first shower after surgery?

I am going to wash with the Chlorhexidine before but I was thinking why not get germs of after surgery too.... READ MORE

How does my wound look? I cannot tell if it is actually improving. (Photo)

The photo shows a four day progression of the wound on my tummy tuck incision. I started using silicon scar sheets but cannot tell if the wound is... READ MORE

When can I shower? Can I get my drain incision wet? Can I get my brachioplasty incision we?

So, I bit the bullet! I had a TT, Brachioplasty, and Mastopexy. Certain parts of my discharge inst. say that I can shower 48 hours later, others say... READ MORE

I am 3 weeks post tummy tuck and my stitches came off with my waterproof dressing after a shower today. Is this normal?

Only thing was most if not all of my stitches came off with the dressing, is this normal, should I be calling my Dr. My belly button dressing also did... READ MORE

When is it ok to shower alone, after tummy tuck?

When is it ok to be showering alone? Sadly my sister is throwing in the towel on day 2 post op & being pretty harsh to me. It's so upsetting, but now... READ MORE

Is it ok to shower 24 hours after a Tummy Tuck with no dressing and with drains?

My tummy tuck was yesterday morning. My doctor told me after 24 hours I could take off the dressings and shower, then just leave the dressings off.... READ MORE

Can I shower the week after my Tummy Tuck, with the drain tube and pain pump?

I am going to have a Tummy Tuck and wanted to if I will be able to shower with the drainage tubes and pain pump connected to me?. Can I get the... READ MORE

Tummy tuck incision. When are you allowed to take a shower avoiding infection?

After a tummy tuck when are you allow to take a shower avoiding infection. Also when is the right time to clean the belly button.. And how should this... READ MORE

How soon can you shower after a TT?

I might of had misunderstand my surgeon and showered three days after my TT procedure. I am now scared that it can result in an infection. I have tape... READ MORE

Do you change your bandages each time you shower?

I am 14 days PO and have been showering last four days since last bottle removed with bandages on. I jus let them dry naturally . How soon did you... READ MORE

3 weeks post op Tummy Tuck. What is this small opening on the left side of my incision and larger opening in middle. (photos)

I showered Friday nite & after saw a couple spots that looked very softened- I thought was from the water. Then realized there was white stuff showing... READ MORE

When can you take a shower after tummy tuck?

I was wondering if this was based off each individual surgeon or if its okay to take a shower as soon as im up to it. I am a person who has to take a... READ MORE

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