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Belly Button Size / Shape After Extended Tummy Tuck

Overall I am very pleased with the results thus far given the swelling. I'm curious on my belly button size (Is this normal, will it shrink and go... READ MORE

Will Tummy Tuck Really Affect my Waist Size and Curve?

I am scheduled for tummy tuck. I am wondering if my waist will only lose the extra skin or will it actually have an effect on the size and curve... READ MORE

Why Do Some Women Have Hour Glass Figures After Having Had a Tummy Tuck and Some Women Don't?

Does this have to do with a woman's body type or the expertise of the surgeon? READ MORE

Is the Shape of my Tummy Tuck Incision Normal?

Why does my tummy tuck scar go up and down verses the typical smiley face shape? Is this typical and what is the reasoning? Thanks in advance READ MORE

Do excessively tight compression garments make or break your shape after tt and lipo? Why do these doctors think they do?

I am in the Dominican Republic getting a tummy tuck and lipo from the States. Here, they use a faja for compression after sx. My concern is they claim... READ MORE

Does Being in Good Shape Prior to a Tummy Tuck Aid in Recovery Time?

I am an avid runner/exerciser. In fact I will have just ran my 3rd marathon not too long before I plan on having surgery. I am curious if being in... READ MORE

Can I Pick the Shape of my New Belly Button?

I'm considering a tt but I'm concerned with the way my belly button will look. I've seen pics of tt and belly buttons look either too big... READ MORE

What is the ideal belly button (BB) shape? (photo)

My PS gave me a marble at my 1mo appt because my BB looked like it was scabbing over (it's gone through many changes). How long do I have to "wear"... READ MORE

Will a Tummy tuck change the shape of a person butt?

I've been reading about tummy tuck and few ppl have mentioned their but looked different in shape ? I am having a tummy tuck with lipo and MR and this... READ MORE

Is It Normal That I'm Shaped Like a Pear at 7 Weeks Post-op TT? (photo)

Is it normal that I'm shaped like a up side down pear at 7 weeks post-op the swelling is from under my breast to just above my BB and didn't... READ MORE

3 Months Post Tummy Tuck - Should I Still Have Swelling?

I had an ETT with MR and Lipo on Dec 2, so I am now 3 months out. I feel like I have "permanent" swelling - it looks like this all day, so I... READ MORE

How can I shape my belly button while it's healing? (Photo)

My belly button has stitches that need to be removed in 2 weeks. Before the stitches are removed may I put gauze in my belly button to help shape it?... READ MORE

Can a banana shape body achieve an hourglass body with TT, BBL and Lipo?

I have a banan body shape (straight not very curvy body). And I would like to achieve a curvier hourglass body my height is 5'5" weight is 175 pounds READ MORE

My belly button has an odd shape, will it change or stay this way? (photos)

I'm 7 days post op & I'm really liking my results but I'm not sure about my belly button. Will it look more rounded when it heals or is this what it's... READ MORE

How to keep hip contours/hourglass shape after tummy tuck? (Photo)

Hello, I've noticed that on a lot of tummy tucks it seems that the belly is undefined and even after over a year of healing, it seems almost like an... READ MORE

Round or slit belly button after TT?

Which is more aesthetically pleasing a round or slit belly button? READ MORE

Does my belly button looks normal? Will the shape change or is it my permanent look? (photos)

I am 4 weeks post op with tummy tuck and muscle repair. I would like to know if my belly button looks normal? Will it shrink further? If so how long... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck or Lower Body Lift? (Photos)

I am 5'8" and 200#s. 3 children and about a 90# weight loss have left me looking deflated. Should I consider a LBL instead of a TT? I've always had it... READ MORE

Are the before and after pictures be a realistic outcome for me? (photos)

I would like to know if this before and after (edited photo) of myself is a somewhat attainable and realistic outcome?with tummy tuck and hip lipo.?... READ MORE

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