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I Need a Hip Replacement. Should I Do It Before I Have My Tummy Tuck?

Was scheduled for a tt after losing 55 lbs. am 195lbs and 5"5. Have a large frame and look good 165-175. was having terrible hip pain now just... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Full TT Without Replacing Belly Button?

I had TT about 10 weeks ago without the replacement of belly button and the sergeon said that he performed full tummy tuck with liposuction .Is it... READ MORE

I had Necrotizing Facitis in abdo area w/ no muscle / abdo wall left. What surgery helps to replace the core muscles I've lost?

I had Necrotizing Facitis in abdo area with no muscle left or abdo wall left requiring compression garment 24/7. What surgery is available to... READ MORE

Will a tummy tuck replace my previous abdominal scar? (photo)

I had a benign cyst removed as a baby. So there's a horizontal scar about an inch above my belly button. I got older and the scar attached to the... READ MORE

How long is recovery for tummy tuck, implant removal & replaced and lift done same day?

My implants are 30yrs and leaking silicone, need all that removed and replaced with new silicone implant, a breast lift, and a tummy tuck, I'm... READ MORE

Incision Care - replacement of strips, types of product(s) best for cleaning incisions?

Do I need to replace steri strips, if so how often? I read not to use neosporin, is there a different ointment preferred? What should the incisions be... READ MORE

I had the full tummy tuck procedure on 12/6.. I have hip replacements in each hip?

I have been having intense itching on my belly that is problematic. Also I sprung a leak where my old belly button was. Doctor opened it up to make... READ MORE

How much is a full tummy tuck surgery with muscle replacement? Also liposuction on the inner thighs (Photo)

I have given birth to 4 beautiful children and my last one was a c - section. This have left my tummy huge and hanging. Diets and exercise I have done... READ MORE

Where can I get a new drain in Houston, 3 weeks post-op? (photo)

I'm almost 3 weeks post op and I still have my drain about a day ago I noticed I started to drain less and less about 100 ml or less then one day I... READ MORE

Swelling and binder causing tape to come off of tummy tuck incision. 3 days post-op.

I'm 3 days post opt from a tummy tuck no muscle repair and flank lipo. The ends of the tape on the incision are coming off. I think this because of... READ MORE

Not thinking my tummy tuck was good? (Photos)

Had my tummy tuck and lipo nov last year he definitely miss a fea areas u have spend 30thousand with tummy tuck lipo and replacement of implants from... READ MORE

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