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Can Umbilical Hernias Come Back?

Is it true that even if a umbilical hernia is fixed, it can come back? My doctor told me he fixed my umbilical hernia but in rare cases it can come... READ MORE

Feeling Lump Again After Inguinal Hernia Repair (No Mesh)? (photo)

1 week ago, I got an inguinal hernia repair (no mesh). Yesterday, I felt the hernia lump again. I'm concerned. I had to do some things around the... READ MORE

3 Incisional Hernias from Abdominal Surgery - What Options Besides Mesh? (photo)

I read that the reoccurence rates after hernia repair are high without mesh, but would rather not have mesh. Would repairing my 3.5" diastasis... READ MORE

How Will Hernia Repairs (Ventral/umbilical) Affect my Recovery After TT and Breast Lift? How Can I Prevent Hernia Recurrence?

In January I will have a full TT with lipo to flanks and muscle repair (1-2” diastasis), and a breast lift. I’ll also have two hernias... READ MORE

Could Recurrent Seromas from Tummy Tuck Be Due to Bacteria in Polyfilament Sutures?

After third seroma repair (my 8th abdominal surgery), fistula developed in incision so there is always drainage from the small hole in my incision. I... READ MORE

Hyperemia 1 Week After Tummy Tuck- Could I Reoccur?

I had a tummy tuck 2 weeks ago. I'm 5' 9" and 138 lbs, non-smoker, mom of two kids. I am also very fit as I am a runner. About 5 days... READ MORE

I have Endometriosis. It is a recurring thing. Would it be safe to get a Tummy Tuck / Liposuction?

I have had an oopherectomy but still have flare ups bc I have my uterus. My surgeon is proposing a hysterectomy but I disagree. She preformed an open... READ MORE

How Common is It for Muscles That Have Been Fixed During a Full Tummy Tuck to Reappear and Pooch Back out Again?

I ask this because I have read more than one comment on this site from women who have had full tummy tucks only to have their stomachs pooch back out... READ MORE

Way to Prevent Bronchial Asthma After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Every time I have surgery I get severe bronchial asthma, and no I don't have asthma. I'm scheduled for a Tummy Tuck on the 26th of July, and... READ MORE

Why Has My Umbilical Hernia Reocurred?

I Had Undegone Laproscopiv Surgery for Umbilical Hernia Surgery  Witn Mesh 10*15,10 Months Before.age 32 (F).reocurred What Reas 82 kgs ,... READ MORE

Surgical seroma removal after tummy tuck. Is it likely to return?

I had tummy tuck on 1/31/14 (3 years post RNY surgery). I developed a large seroma which was drained 3 times, a drain was placed for a week. Nothing... READ MORE

When you have a persistent seroma after tummy tuck at what point is surgery needed & what are chances of it reoccurring? (photo)

8 weeks out of tummy tuck, 5'11 175lb, had drains after, one pulled at 3 weeks and next 6 weeks. Persist seroma needle aspirated 4 times in last 2... READ MORE

How large will this wound be from skin necrosis? And if a future revision is required, how likely is it to happen again? (Photos

I am one week post op a tummy tuck and have developed skin necrosis in my vertical incision at the center part of my stomach. My surgeon has explained... READ MORE

Post TT op, fluid accumulation again after surgery to remove seroma cavity. Advice?

After TT, I had surgery to remove seroma cavity. Inside sutures, mesh and 2 drains were used. Drains came out at 2 weeks PO while still draining... READ MORE

Reoccurring/transient stabbing pain in abdomen after TT: normal nerve healing pain or something else? (Photo)

I am about 6 weeks post-op from a combo abdominoplasty-lipo, and for a few days have been dealing with excruciating and sometimes debilitating sharp... READ MORE

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