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What Type of Tummy Tuck Surgery Necessitates a Vertical Scar As Well As a Horizonal One?

I have seen pictures of tummy tuck after photos and been concerned by the small vertical scar I see in some along with the expected horizontal scar.... READ MORE

I Had to Reschedule my Tummy Tuck, Breast Reduction and Arm Lift Because I Take Adderall?

I was told I had to be off the adderall for at least two weeks prior to surgery because of new information that has come out about this. Can you tell... READ MORE

What is the Main Reason Why Permanent Vs Dissovable Stiches Are Placed on a Tummy Tuck? Where Are They Placed? (photo)

I have an upcoming appointment to remove my stiches? I was confused by this because I thought all of the stiches were dissolvable. Where are the... READ MORE

What is the Sharp Burning Pain in the Mons Area 4 Months Post Op TT? (photo)

I am 4 month post op full TT with abdominal repair and lipo in the flanks. I have a sharp burning pain in the mons area. I am pointing at it in the... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Incision Very Puckered or Rippled, Will It Flatten Out? (photo)

I'm currently 12 dpo and I when I first seen my incision I just about freaked out, I seen everyones incision on here and it looks like a line, my... READ MORE

Sclerosing a Seroma Post Tummy Tuck with Lipo?

My doctor drained my fluid build up and then injected a liquid into the seroma and drained it back out im not sure what the liquid was but after two... READ MORE

I Still Have a Fluffy Lower Abdomen After 8 Weeks PO (Tummy Tuck) and is That Regular? (photo)

My bottom section is still really fluffy and I think the fat was stitched over and I want to know is this regular for now or is it gonna stat fluffy?... READ MORE

Why Are my Stitches Looking Wet and Yellow/white and Some Brown. Are They Healing Properly?

I'm 3 weeks and 2 days PO, Tummy tuck, muscle tightening.  after I have a shower I dry my stitches with a hairdryer and re dress them with a... READ MORE

Color of Draining Tubes Different After Tummy Tuck?

Why is one side of my drain tubes has a dark red and the other drain tube is lighter red. I had a tummy tuck surgery 1 week ago...I have 2 jackson... READ MORE

I Was Told I Cannot Get a Tattoo Over a Tummy Tuck Scar Although it has Been Four Months, Why is this?

I Was Told I Could Not Get a Tatto over my Tummy Tuck Scar by an Tatto Artist Its Been 4 Months Why is This READ MORE

Blackening of Skin Around Tummy Tuck Lower Procedure Site. If There is No Infection Does the Skin and Dead Tissue Still Removed?

Perfectly healthy 5'5" mom of 2. Don't smoke and never have. Just got a huge amount of skin and fat removed. My plastic surging on said it didn't need... READ MORE

Why is my Belly Button Still Weeping 2 Weeks Post Anchor Cut Tummy Tuck?

Following losing 270lbs, I had an anchor cut tummy tuck 2 Weeks ago. Everything looks amazing, except my belly button. It isn't infected, but it is... READ MORE

Coughing Pain 5 Days Post TT?

I am post tt day 5 and all seems to be going good. When does it stop hurting like holy hell to cough? READ MORE

Creasing Between "Love Handles" and Tummy? (photo)

I had a full tt and lipo of my flanks almost 7 weeks ago and this creasing that i have between my flank area and tummy is really discouraging what... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck my Stomach is Distending After Second Surgery. Why? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck last July, the doctor did not take enough off, in fact he took almost more off the second surgery. I had a flat stomach but... READ MORE

Plastic Surgeon Sat Me Up to Close Incision, Is This Normal?

I had a tummy tuck revision to remove skin that relaxed during the first year post op of my tummy tuck, my plastic surgeon told my husband he had to... READ MORE

I Went to my 3 Wk Post Op Today for my Tummy Tuck and They Were Going to Remove the Drain but It is Stuck?

They tried to pull it 4 times and it is stuck. They said it has never happened before and they don't know why. I have to go in tomorrow and they... READ MORE

6 wks post op tummy tuck and muscles are lax

I am 6 weeks post op and my tummy has felt tight and flat with no effort but just last couple of days noticed I am having to hold the muscles in as I... READ MORE

Can a Scar Tissue Ball That's So Painful, Like a Stabbing, Be Removed Non-surgically?

I had a tummy tuck over 3years ago and recently I've had stabbing pain coming from the drainage scar. I went to the surgeon after I ended up in the ER... READ MORE

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