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I need help finding an institute or surgeon who will perform a tummy tuck at no cost or low cost in GA.

I'm 33 years old and I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, I'm looking for a plastic surgeon or student who would be willing to do my surgery for free or... READ MORE

Pro-Bono Tummy Tuck?

Are there any surgeons who do probono surgerys for mothers who really need them. But cannot afford them. READ MORE

Pro bono or discounted plastic surgery for single mom of three kids with disabilities?

I am a low income single mom of three kids with disabilities (autism, OCD, & ADHD). I work full time with adults with disabilities. And I am a student... READ MORE

Could I get a pro bono tummy tuck? (Photo)

I have two children. First child almost 16. C-section and tummy turned bad. Second child, doctor made a mistake and my son was born 3 ib 2 oz, 34 week... READ MORE

Is there any doctor willing to do a Pro Bono tummy tuck and/or fat transfer to a domestic abuse victim?

I was abused and teased as a child about my appearance. So I was almost always unsatisfied with me. I had a child when I was 18 and I gained 80 lbs.... READ MORE

Can you help me with a pro bono hysterectomy??

I'm a 46 year old mom in desperate need of a hysterectomy. The doctor at the hospital recommended it ASAP. I have no insurance or money for the... READ MORE

Is it true that in Washington state, a woman can get a highly discounted to free tummy tuck after 3 or more c-sections?

I am about to receive my fifth c section. I can lose the weight easily, however, the little flappy pocket of skin under my belly button is impossible... READ MORE

Are there plastic surgeons that will perform a tummy tuck at a reduced price/pro bono work to remove painful calcified fat?

I had smart lipo two years ago in by a Doctor I later found out was just a family practice Doctor. I was left with fatty necrosis all over my abdomen... READ MORE

Are there any plastic surgeons that might consider doing a tummy tuck, inner/outer thigh lift for teaching purposes?

I know this sounds like a really dumb question, and I apologize, but I figure if you don't take the time to ask you will never know the answer. I... READ MORE

My insurance will only remove the skin, which will leave a bubble at the top. Is there anyone that does a tummy tuck pro bono?

I have had hernia repairs, and recently lost s large amount of weight. I'm not looking for the perfect body just one that I can say I like that person... READ MORE

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