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Can Umbilical Hernias Come Back?

Is it true that even if a umbilical hernia is fixed, it can come back? My doctor told me he fixed my umbilical hernia but in rare cases it can come... READ MORE

When Should You Start to Use Mederma After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

I am 2 weeks post tummy tuck and was told to use mederma cream by a friend. how many days after the surgery should i use the cream? READ MORE

Post Op Seroma 15 Days After Full Tummy Tuck, How Can I Avoid Further Seromas?

I had a full tummy tuck 15 days ago. My ps took out my drains on day 5. I went in today for my second checkup, and I had developed a seroma. (I... READ MORE

Low Carb Dieting Before and After a Tummy Tuck Recommended?

I am a low carb dieter and I know I don't swell or retain as much water when I am following a low carb diet (Any other time my weight fluctuates... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Prevent my Tummy Tuck Scar from Widening? (photo)

I have seen some really thin TT scars and some really wide ones? What causes a TT scar to widen? READ MORE

How Will Hernia Repairs (Ventral/umbilical) Affect my Recovery After TT and Breast Lift? How Can I Prevent Hernia Recurrence?

In January I will have a full TT with lipo to flanks and muscle repair (1-2” diastasis), and a breast lift. I’ll also have two hernias... READ MORE

What is the best way to treat a Tummy Tuck incision?

Want to know what is the best way to treat an Tummy Tuck incision to prevent any infection to the wound. Planning to have one and would like to know... READ MORE

I Have a Hernia & Need Surgery, but I'm SO Scared I Will Get a Seroma, What Would Be the Best Surgery to Avoid That?

Laparoscopicly or or regular surgery w/an incision(i mean which one would be least likely of getting a seroma)?? I already have an insicion from... READ MORE

How can I prevent deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism after a tummy tuck and BBL?

Im planning to Have a surgery (tummy tuck/ bbl) but i a little scared about it READ MORE

Is Duoderm or another brand of "hydrocolloid" bandage a good choice to put on a Tummy Tuck scar after surgery?

I have keloid skin, and I am getting a tummy tuck in June. I am terrified that after sx I will develop a keloid along my scar. I have been doing... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Endoscopic Diastasis Repair and Would a Mini/modified TT Be Better? (photo)

I am an athletic mother with DR. Scarring is almost a deal breaker but my DR and extra belly button skin really bothers me. I believe I am a candidate... READ MORE

Can I Avoid Scar Forming Outside Vs Inside Belly Button from a TummyTuck?

Im scheduled to have a full Tummy tuck but worried I will have my belly button scar on the outside which looks like a ring around the rosie. Ive seen... READ MORE

Why some belly buttons get dark after Tummy Tuck?

Why some belly buttons get dark after a tummy tuck? What can I do to prevent it from happening? Thank you READ MORE

What can I do to avoid necrosis?

After the surgery, what can I do to avoid a necrosis. And when a necrosis happen is it the Drs fault? Should the dr had done something different or... READ MORE

Way to Prevent Bronchial Asthma After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Every time I have surgery I get severe bronchial asthma, and no I don't have asthma. I'm scheduled for a Tummy Tuck on the 26th of July, and... READ MORE

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