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When Will I See The Final Results of My Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I am 2 day away from a month from my surgery and i love the results other than the hip roll on my sides will this go away my doctor said gie it 3 to 6... READ MORE

Labia Majoria

I had a full Tummy Tuck 5 days ago and I have to say I feel awesome problems with anything. Walking straight since second day, up and down... READ MORE

I Had a Tummy Tuck in 2002 and After Wards I Started Having Digestive Issues, It's Been 10 Years Now?

I feel alot of pressure right above my belly button and have digestive issues can this be caused by tighting my muscles to tight or from scar tissue... READ MORE

I Am Afraid That I Might Have Torn the Stiches from Overeating and Filling my Tummy Too Much?

When I left the hospital, my stomach was flat and after a day or 2 I started feeling really full like my stomach was going to explode. I also had the... READ MORE

Pressure in my vagina 7 weeks post FTT? (photo)

7 weeks post FTT , still had this pressure in vagina. ultrasound report (evidence of soft tissue swelling at site of operation with multiple edematous... READ MORE

Will a Diastasis Recti Repair Affect a Bladder Prolapse by Causing Intra Abdominal Pressure Once the Sutures Are in Place?

I had my first baby in October 2012 and I was left with a mild bladder prolapse and a diastasis recti of 3-4 finger widths from my breast bone to my... READ MORE

TT 8/12/11, Lipo on Tummy 4/20/12, Followed By Drainage; Feel Like There's Movement In Stomach? (photo)

Tummy Tuck Done on 8/12/11 then Liposuction Same Place Tummy on 4/20/12 my Dr Said I Have Fuluid and Ever Two Day He Drain the frist day he drain 60cc... READ MORE

Pressure Against Ribcage Following Tummy Tuck and Hernia Repair

I had a tummy tuck and repair of an umbilical hernia one week ago. The drainage tubes were removed two days ago. My problem is the swelling and... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about pressure & weird feeling around my belly button? Besides massaging, what else should I do? (photo)

I had a TT Jan. 12, 2015 with muscle repair. Around week 2 I had a bad bad bad bowel movement that an enima couldn't even help. Eventually I finally... READ MORE

Experiencing Heaviness/pressure, Tightness After Eating and Numbing After Having a Tummytuck Last October 2013 Any Reason Why?

I am a lymphobiology (the mechanical movement of the lymphatic system) Practitioner and I have two referred patients who continue to complain of... READ MORE

Should I get a 2nd opinion about pressure and swelling w/a small knot on lower right side under belly button? (photos)

I have a lot of swelling and pressure in my vagina/pelvis area and a very small hard knot on the lower right side. The pressure is similar to a baby... READ MORE

I Had Tummy Tuck 7 Days Ago and I Was Using my Lap Top in Bed for an Hour?

I'm worried because after an hour of using lap top I realized it was rested on my abdomen not on my thighs. I don't feel pain, but now I'm stressing.... READ MORE

Could I Have Damaged Muscle Repair & Tummy Tuck By Pushing Wheelchair Wheels?

At 2weeks post op I went out to a shopping mall with a friend. I was in a wheel chair which she pushed for the majority of the time. I occasionally... READ MORE

Would a 4-5 cm Diastasis Recti cause pain?

I feel a lot of pressure when i'm laying down and when I exercise I feel pressure as well. It's only when I work on my abdominal muscles that I feel... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck 10 Years Ago, Problems With My Legs?

I had a tummy tuck done 10 years ago out of the country and now I'm having problems with my legs. can't hardly walk. I've seen so many doctors and had... READ MORE

5 Days post-op full TT: Is this a hematoma? (Photo)

Full Tummy Tuck on 6/17. Is this a hematoma?The bruised area above my belly button seems tight or as if it's pressurized from the inside. And it... READ MORE

Post Tummy Tuck 1 1/2 yrs, stomach muscle tightness (cramp) and pressure near belly button

I've been getting this tightness, rolling, pressure on the right side of my belly button. Almost like a tight cramp and it feels like something is... READ MORE

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