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What Type of Antibiotics Are Prescribed After a Tummy Tuck, Liposuction As Well As a Fat Graft?

I am having a tummy tuck, lipo, and fat graft next month. I am wondering what type of antibiotics will be prescribed. READ MORE

Would a Doctor in the US Write a Prescription for Meds if I'm Getting Surgery Done in Mexico?

I am traveling to MX for sx. I have thoroughly researched my doctor. I will have a TT, and lipo. I was told that the US has stronger meds than Mexico.... READ MORE

Why cannot reputable surgeons in Mexico or Tijuana prescribe medication after surgery?

Do any of you Doctors know exactly why Doctors in Tijuana or Mexico cannot prescribe normal post operative medications after surgery, such as pain... READ MORE

Surgery Abroad: What medications should I bring or ask my doc to prescribe?

I am getting a tummy tuck, breast lift, and full liposuction for a Brazilian butt lift. What pain medication should I bring? READ MORE

To get sleep, should I take a unison or prescribed methocarbamol?

Back pain from sleeping in recliner, 5 days post tummy tuck. Off pain rx as it made me nauseous and nervous. READ MORE

Will I need to go to the hospital for IV antibiotics?

I had a Total tummy tuck Nov 16, 2015. Problems started when my first JP drain was taken our last week. The nurse practitioner took the second one out... READ MORE

Does this look like a possible necrosis? (Photos)

My surgeon prescribed Nitro bid ointment but it is too strong for me. So now she attached a pressure wound therapy to the area. She never mentioned... READ MORE

Which Prescription Pain Killer for TT with MR?

I'm getting a Full TT with Muscle Repair and umbilical hernia repair. I've given birth to 2 babies, I'm 135 pounds, 5'6'', only weight loss I've had... READ MORE

My doctor prescribed me altenolol to take before my Tummy Tuck and Lipo procedure. Is it safe?

He prescribed the medicine due to me having extra heart beats because of too much caffeine. I don't get them as often. READ MORE

Tummy tuck: Is it common to only prescribe Percocet for pain?

I am having a full tummy tuck and lipo of hips and flanks and my doctor only prescribed Percocet. I took those after both c sections and they worked... READ MORE

Do autoimmune diseases not being treated with prescription drugs complicate surgery?

I have celiac disease and an autoimmune condition call multifocal choroiditis. I do not take any drug for either of these. I've had one Avastin... READ MORE

Exparel Acquisition via a prescription using pharmacy insurance benefit

If I have an abdominoplasty and the surgeon does not use Exparel, is it possible for me to obtain the vial through a prescription through my pharmacy... READ MORE

Stuff I may need for Tummy tuck recovery?

I've filled my prescriptions, stocked up on ice packs, I've read that I should also get some palmers cocoa loading up in magazines, got... READ MORE

I recently had a Tummy Tuck and was prescribed Robaxin 500mg. Is there an alternative to help with the pain?

I recently had a TT and was prescribed Robaxin 500mg. My Dr. left it up to me to take the meds. Is there an alternative to help with the pain? READ MORE

Pain control after tummy tuck/BBL?

Hello, I take tylenol/hydrocodone 5/325 daily for knee pain prescribed by a pain specialist, so I am little concerned that my body is to used to... READ MORE

How can I get the prescribed medications I need here in the US?

Including some form of pain medications to take with me? Full tummy tuck, bbl, liposuction READ MORE

Would like advice from dermatologists and plastic surgeons on prescription or OTC products that reduce tummy tuck scars.

I am having TT in January 2017 with a surgeon I really trust. I am hoping to get the best information regarding all Top of the Line the scar... READ MORE

Prescription for nausea medication is expensive is it a must have or can I pass with out it? Getting TT soon.

I am getting Lipo and a tummy tuck in a few weeks, I am wondering if I should fork out the money for nausea medication or I can do with out it? READ MORE

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