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How Often Do People Die During Tummy Tuck Procedures?

My two biggest concerns about this whole procedure is 1 how often do people die from this procedure 2) how do I make the best of this operation?... READ MORE

Any Advice on How I Should Prepare Myself for a Tummy Tuck?

I am so ecstatic about getting my tummy tuck done next week after having waited for a very long time. READ MORE

Food to Eat / Avoid Before Tummy Tuck

Which Food Items Should I Include in my Meals Three Weeks Before Tt/lipo? What to Avoid? I know I should avoid vitamin E, aspirin, and alcohol. Any... READ MORE

How Much Weight Should I Lose to Have Skin Removal Surgery?

I'm 5'3, 29years old and weigh 217 lbs. I have had 3 kids and now ready to be healthy for them after weighing between 230 and 215 pounds for 8... READ MORE

What Should I Do to Prepare for my Tummy Tuck?

My tt with lipo flanks. i'm super excited but how should i get my body ready? i usually excerise and i watch what i eat. Ive lost 50LBS and had 2... READ MORE

If I Stop Smoking 2 Week Before my TT Will I Be Ok?

If i stop smoking 2 week before my surgery will i be ok READ MORE

Exercise Before Tummy Tuck ? Yes Or No ?

Exercise Before Tummy Tuck ? Sit ups / Crunches etc Yes Or No ? Is Surgery more Difficult to perform ? Thank You READ MORE

Is a Tummy Tuck Realisitc for Me at This Time..

I am 24 yrs old and 5ft6. I have 2 children and am not having anymore. I currently weight 218lbs and carry it in my lower abdomen. I also have super... READ MORE

Stopped Smoking 1 Week Before TT, Is there Anything that Can Help Get Nicotine Out of System?

I am 1.75m and weighs 89kg My Tummy Tuck is scheduled for the 6th of December 2011. I was still smoking up untill Sunday past. Is there any fruit or... READ MORE

What to Eat PRE-OP to Make It Easier in my First Week Post-op?

I am scheduled next week for TT and small lipo of flanks, I would like to know the best way to eat/clean myself out before my surgery to make the... READ MORE

Should I Take my Folic Acid, Iron, Vitamin C and B Complex Pills While Also Taking the VitaMedica Recovery Package?

I am scheduled for surgery on March 18th and have been taking the recommended folic acid, iron, vitamin c and b complex pills for over a month now and... READ MORE

Dietary supplements vitamins C, D and iron before surgery?

I'll be getting a tummy tuck in exactly 16 days. Wanted to know if I should start a regimen of taking dietary supplement vitamins C, D and iron. My... READ MORE

Is There a Recommended Target Weight for Tummy Tuck?

I am 35 and have constantly battled with my weight. I am 5'2" and currently weigh 180. I have weighed as much as 200 and have gone up and... READ MORE

When should I stop drinking energy drinks before surgery?

How soon before surgery should I stop drinking my rock star READ MORE

What do I need to pack for surgery in the Dominican Republic?

Hey, I am going to the Dominican Republic for surgery with King Cabral and I am getting a Tummy tuck, Lipo and Brazilian ButtLift and I was wondering... READ MORE

I've Heard Women Struggle with Upper Abdomen Weight Gain After TT, Can this be Prevented?

I tend to put on weight above my waist. I've heard of people devoloping upper abdominal bulges or getting fat above their waistline after getting... READ MORE

Is It Required to Be So Close to my Ideal Weight to Have a Tummy Tuck?

Hi, I'm 27, 5'7",weight 190lbs. I know that weight is over weight going by BMI chart. My question is it required to be close to the ideal... READ MORE

Can Prenatal Vitamins Be Taken for Tummy Tuck?

I had a baby a few months ago and I been taking prenatal vitamins.can I keep taking them before and after tummy tuck or do I need to take something... READ MORE

How to Tone Stomach Before Getting a Tummy Tuck?

About 7 yrs ago i had my kids and i had 2 c-section, i am currently about 5'1 and 173lbs, but i notice under my breast going down my belly button and... READ MORE

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