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Accidentally took 4 aspirin 4 days before Tummy Tuck. How likely will it be that my surgery will have to be postponed.

I am having a tummy tuck with lipo in 3 days. Yesterday I accidentally took 4 aspirin (75mg - not all at the same time). I know this inhibits platelet... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck with a Sprained Ankle, Do I Need to Postpone Surgery?

I have a full tummy tuck scheduled for the day after tomorrow and I was trying to mow the lawn and I fell and sprained my ankle. Will the doctor still... READ MORE

Had blood work done for tummy tuck I'm concerned but dr isn't. Should I postpone?

I had bcc and which ever blood testing is done for tummy tuck. My platelet count was 480000 should I postpone surgery ? The dr doesn't seem to be... READ MORE

Ripped Disc on L4 - Will This Delay Surgery?

I am supposed to have an Extended Tummy tuck, Spiral Lift/w lipo and Outer Thigh lift on AUG. 4th~ I just ripped my Disc on L4 on my lower back would... READ MORE

I have postponed surgery 2 times due to being so nervous and anxious about something going wrong. Is this normal? (photo)

Want u know if this is normal to feel so anxious and nervous about my TT? I have loss over 100lbs and I have changed my date 2 times is this normal. READ MORE

Should I postpone my Tummy Tuck if my 18 month old has a staph infection?

My 18 month old was recently diagnosed with a staff infection on his skin and is being treated with both oral and topical antibiotics? He has been on... READ MORE

Should I postpone my surgery of panniculectomy and abdominoplasty?

Should I postpone or continue? I've gained weight 15#...due to some RA and iron deficiency anemia issues... My RA is now under control and the pain... READ MORE

Come down with cold and sore throat and am having pre op Friday and Tummy tuck Monday. Will my surgery still go ahead?

Will my surgery still go ahead, have read it will be postponed until cold has gone, has this happened to anyone? READ MORE

Tummy tuck and Lipo in seven days and my whole house is sick. What should I do?

I'm just wondering if there's anything recommended so I don't get sick. I'm taking vitamin c supplements and daily vitamin. What happens if I'm sick... READ MORE

Postponed tummy tuck concerned about incision (Photo)

I was scheduled for a tummy tuck the Dr said I would get the best result from a upside down T tummy tuck I am worried about having a verticle scar as... READ MORE

Booked my tummy tuck and realized I might be on my cycle.

Should I postpone the surgery or just go through with it? READ MORE

Will TT look odd with 38g bra size?

Hello everyone been on this site for a few weeks. Hysterectomy w/TT lipo to lower back and flanks scheduled for this week. Afraid it will look odd... READ MORE

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