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Sleeping Position After Tummy Tuck

I Had my TT on Wed, I Am Comfortable Sleeping on my Side. Will I do any damage by sleeping on my side? I had op 2 days ago. READ MORE

Sleep Position After Surgery?

I am considering having 2 procedures at once to save time. Lipo of the hips and tummy tuck. I prefer to sleep on my side or stomach. On back is not... READ MORE

Where Should my Compression Binder be Positioned?

I had a TT/Lipo about 3 weeks ago. I developed a seroma which is drained every 3-4 days. I was wearing the garment around my love handles thinking it... READ MORE

Is the Belly Button Positioned Too Low Post TT? (photo)

I had tummy tuck 8 weeks ago and doctor decided not to form a new belly button and pulled the tissue down. It looks that it's sitting close to the... READ MORE

I'm 7 Days PO Tummy Tuck Only. Sleeping Position?

I was up and walking the same day. The second day I stopped pain meds. I have been trying to limit my activity despite feeling great. I feel like the... READ MORE

Three Weeks Post Op and Swell when Sleep on Side?

I'm okay sleeping on side sometimes and then others I really swell up sleeping on my side. I just want to know the cause of why you swell hen sleeping... READ MORE

What Sleeping Position is Recommended when Combining Procedures?

I'm seeking to get a combined procedure (Full tummy tuck, BBL, and fat grafting to the hips). Knowing that I won't be sitting for at least 2-3 weeks,... READ MORE

Can Reverting to Stomach Sleeping Loosen MR?

A life-long stomach sleeper, I found myself favoring my side in the 10 weeks following my TT (which was early Oct. '12). I reverted to stomach... READ MORE

I am getting a BBL & tummy tuck at the same time. What would be the best sleeping position?

How long should it be before I can sit on my new butt? What are the massages for and how important is it for me to get them done? Is there a specific... READ MORE

How Can I Lay when Having Multiple Procedures Done Within the Same Surgery Day?

I had a consultation done a few weeks ago and was told that I need liposuction,tummy tuck along with the Brazilian butt lift.. I wanted to know how... READ MORE

Does my lapband have to be repositioned during my TT with muscle repair?

I've read many questions and answers on this subject and I am reading a lot of different answers. I mentioned to my PS that I have a lapband and she... READ MORE

Does the belly button always get relocated with an abdominoplasty? (photos)

I was wandering if there is a chance that my belly button will stay or get moved to a higher position after the procedure? READ MORE

Recovery positions after full TT and BBL?

Best suggestions for recovery (laying, sleeping, sitting, returning to work) after a full TT and bbl? I've read about sitting on a boppy pillow or... READ MORE

Should I still be having daily intense involuntary abdominal contractions at 7+mos po for tt w/ muscle repair?

A few weeks po from tt w/ mr, I began getting brutally painful ab contractions overnight upon changing position while sleeping, or early morning as my... READ MORE

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