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Possible to Undo Muscle Plication After Tummy Tuck?

My wife had a Tummy Tuck 6 months ago. Unknown to her she had muscle repair. She had a permanent stitch removed at week 5 due to pain above her belly... READ MORE

Plication with Full Tummy Tuck

I am scheduled for a a TT with flank lipo in April. I am 32 years old. I have lost a total of 60 lbs, and have kept it off since June of 2007. I am... READ MORE

How Do You Know if a Surgeon Did Muscle Plication During Tummy Tuck?

A friend is actually concerned because she experienced very minimal muscular pain after a full tummy tuck. Is it possible her surgeon either skipped... READ MORE

How Realistic to Expect Oblique Muscles Plication During Abdominoplasty? Why Is This Only Done Overseas?

Dear Docs, I'm considering secondary TT, and while researching options, I found that Brazil and Russian surgeons can do oblique muscles plication... READ MORE

Risks of Multiple Open Abdominal Surgeries?

I have one final question about abdominal surgeries. What are my risks of undergoing a possible adhesion removal or another plication/hernia repair... READ MORE

What is "Excessive Plication" in Reference to an Abdominoplasty?

I have seen the term "Excessive Plication" as something that should be done to remedy an unsuccessful TT where the upper abdomen still... READ MORE

Can Abdominal Plication with Overlapping of the Muscles Be Undone? (photo)

I had a TT 10 years ago to remove saggy skin post pregnancies. Today there is likely more appropriate & simple procedures for a young, thin... READ MORE

Can Revision Tummy Tuck Be Done After Umbilical Float Tummy Tuck Was Performed?

Hi, I am 6 month post mini tummy tuck with umbilical float. I did have muscle plication above my belly button. My belly button is now 2cm lower. I am... READ MORE

Need Second Opinion After Umbilical Float Tummy Tuck (Unhappy with Post Op Belly Button)? (photo)

I am ~2.5mo post op; muscle plicated, 2-3in skin excised, & BB hernia repaired. BB was floated & lowered 3.5cm (stock detached &... READ MORE

Skin Laxity? Swelling? Poor Tone? Seroma? (photo)

I am 15 weeks post TT w umb float and muscle plication. Upon awakening I am relatively flat and skin moderately tight. After rising, within the hours,... READ MORE

Uneven Conture After Tt, How Can You Tell if the Muscle Repair is Compromised?

3mth post tt, I have no more swelling and am back to normal. My left side feels tight and is flat but, right side feels loose and there is a bulge... READ MORE

Possible Muscle Strain

I am 2 1/2 mths po tummy tuck with muscle plication. have had zero problems, everything great until i went water tubing and have had isolated moderate... READ MORE

When is Muscle Plication Healing Complete?

Tummy tuck. I have been reading a great deal about muscle plication and repair. While it seems that eventually the fascia heals in a certain position... READ MORE

I want a flat stomach. Would I be happy with the outcome of an abdominoplasty w/plication and flank lipo? (Photo)

37 years old, 5'4" tall, 185 lbs for 13 yrs, except while pregnant with twins. I hate the rolls above & below my belly button. Lower hangs over my c... READ MORE

Will my Belly Button Look Normal? (photo)

I had a ventral hernia repair w/rectum plication 4 days ago via general surgery. The surgeon said he removed some excess skin as well. I just saw my... READ MORE

Full Tt 8 Weeks out with Plication-can I Weight Lift?

My surgeon is not allowing me to do anything other than walk or ride a bike for a full year, no crutches, no weights, no yoga, no Pilates. I lift... READ MORE

What Activity Restrictions Should I Follow for a Small Seroma (10ml Drained) 5.5 Weeks Post-rectus Plication (Not TT)?

I had a rectus plication (without TT) 5.5 weeks ago. After drain removal, I developed a small seroma. 10ml was aspirated from it yesterday and I will... READ MORE

Treatment of Small Post-Rectus Plication Seroma with Sclerotherapy?

I had a rectus plication 6.5 weeks ago and have a small seroma. It is being managed with weekly aspirations. However, if it doesn't resolve soon, my... READ MORE

What does abdominal muscle plication feel like years after tummy tuck?

Very curious about the feeling of muscle tightening after plication in tummy tuck. Will this sensation stay with me forever? And will the body feel... READ MORE

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