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Water Pills po op Lipo and tummy tuck

Can I take water pills po op aggressive Lipo and tummy tuck to reduce swelling? READ MORE

Can I Take a Water Pill After Lipo/tummy Tuck (Two Weeks After)?

Can I Take a Water Pill After Lipo/tummy Tuck  (Two Weeks After ).. READ MORE

If I Am Taking Fat Burners How Long Shoud I Be off Them to Get a Tummy Tuck?

I am 5 ft 4 inch 209 lbs my PS said he wants me to lose 25lbs so I can get a tummy tuck, I am now dieting and excersising and also I am taking fat... READ MORE

Any suggestions on surgery in the DR and the "blue pill"? Additional sleep aid.

Is it ok to take a flexeril (muscle relaxant ) or a Tylenol pm along WITH the infamous "blue pill " they give you before surgery in the Domincan... READ MORE

Vaginal discharge after Tummy tuck?

I have had a stringy jelly like brown discharge from my vagina since my tummy tuck 7 days ago. Today quite large bits came out. I stopped taking my... READ MORE

Could my water pill increase drainage post tummy tuck?

Today is day 18 post complete tummy tuck. My left drain is still in and producing 50-95 cc per day. Could my hydroclorothiazide be making more fluid... READ MORE

Hemoglobin level a week ago was 11.7, I was getting off my monthly cycle. less than 2 weeks left to get it up to at least 12.4

Since a 13 is probably out of the question. I have less than two weeks until then been taking 65 mg iron pills twice a day should I increase to three... READ MORE

I had gastric bypass, I would like a tummy tuck. I have transposition of the great arteries corrected with the mustard procedure

I also have stents in my baffles. I have Factor V Leiden. With my history I want to find a surgeon who would do a tummy tuck. I have a history of... READ MORE

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