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Should I be Able to Walk Straight 3 Days After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

I had the full tummy tuck w/ muscle repair and lipo on upper hips. My pain has been tolerable since day 1 post op and it's day 3 and I am hardly... READ MORE

Safe Post-op Painkiller Alternatives to Acetaminophen? I Have An Allergy.

I am allergic to acetaminophen (anaphylactic shock) and need to know what safe painkiller alternatives there are for me (for tummy tuck mid Feb 2012).... READ MORE

When is constipation an emergency?

I had a TT with MR and flank lipo on 12-15 and haven't had a BM yet. It has been about 4 full days now. I have taken 4 x 2 colace tabs, stool... READ MORE

Wondering Why Some Doctors Choose Not to Use Percocet After a Tt and Lipo?

If its true and not an option what is? Can Vicodin cause water retention? READ MORE

Pain Medication Injected into Abdominal Muscle During Tummy Tuck?

I've heard that there is a pain medication that is injected into the abdominal muscles during a tummy tuck and lasts 72 hours. What is it called? Is... READ MORE

Would it be appropriate to request pain med refill?

Almost 3 weeks out from full abdomnioplasty, need to ask for a refill on pain meds but do not want to seem like I am a complainerwas feeling OK, fell... READ MORE

How Long to Take OTC Pain Meds After Tummy Tuck?

I stopped taking narcotics PO Day 3 bc I ran out. My doctor then said to transition to Advil which I did. The Advil worked well, however, after the 4... READ MORE

I Had a Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation 2 Weeks Ago and Was Prescribed Oxycodone, Can I Discontinue?

The problem I am having is since I stopped the Oxycodone I have not been able to sleep and have had cold/hot spells. Could I have formed an addiction... READ MORE

Some Good Drugs to Feel No Pain After TT?

I am going to have TT august 20, 2012. Could someone tell me what medication take after Tummy tuck? READ MORE

Normal Protocol To Recommend Asprin After TT Surgery?

Hi I am scheduled for a TT with lipo on my calves, inner knees and thighs in 5 days and my post-op instructions include heprin(spelled wrong) in the... READ MORE

I Am 8 Hrs. Post-op. Would It Be Okay Not to Take Pain Med Nucynta? I Don't Like the Way Pain Meds Make Me Feel. (photo)(

TT today at 7:45 AM. I've been home since 1:30 PM, have a pain pump and two drains. I have taken a couple of Extra strength Tylenol but am trying to... READ MORE

Which Do You Think is Better for Pain After a Tummy Tuck?

I'm on methadone and am going to have a tummy tuck. For the post op pain management, I wanted to know which would better help with the pain, tramadol... READ MORE

I Am 3 Weeks Post Opt Today from Tt and Still Have Pain is It Normal to Still Need Pain Meds?

I can only take tyl bc I had rny gastric bypass 17 months ago, and it is not doing the trick. I am taking so much and it barely helps. Is it okay to... READ MORE

I am having a hard time obtaining pain medication for surgery In the Dominican Republic. Why?

I am preparing for surgery in the Dominican Republic and I am having a hard time getting my PCP to prescribe pain medication for me. I showed her... READ MORE

Sensitive to Narcotics, Prescribed Dilaudid, What Should I Take?

I am very sensitive to narcotics. I had gastric bypass surgery 10 yrs ago and took no pain meds. I am scheduled for a tummy tuck and upon having this... READ MORE

Surgery Abroad: What medications should I bring or ask my doc to prescribe?

I am getting a tummy tuck, breast lift, and full liposuction for a Brazilian butt lift. What pain medication should I bring? READ MORE

No Pain Meds After Tummy Tuck, Feel Lethargic?

Its 5 days post of and i am still super lethargic. Had a tummy tuck with lipo on the 18th. Despite the soma, pain killers, phenergan etc prescribed,... READ MORE

Is it normal to hear my heartbeat in my ears after tummy tuck?

I am home now on recovery from a TT taking oxycodone for pain management but I find myself hearing my heartbeat through my left ear. I read the... READ MORE

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