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4 1/2 Weeks Post Op Drain Free Tummy Tuck. Will Skin Get Tighter ?

So i got a drain free tummy tuck almost 4 1/2 weeks ago. I went home with hardly any pain, i didnt even take meds. I was hunched over a few days but... READ MORE

Opinions On No Drain Tummy Tuck?

I read more and more about people getting a "no drain tummy tuck" but I don't see comments from Doctors as to if this is recommended... READ MORE

Why do so many doctors use drains when drainless Tummy Tucks seem to have no "cons" aside from longer under anesthesia?! (photo)

I'm wondering if I should into other doctors who perform drainless tummy tucks, patients with drainless seem to be up and around and feel great so... READ MORE

Over 3 Months Post Op TT, MR and Lipo to Hips..Swelling is Worse, Why?

I am a little over 3 months post op TT, MR and lipo to hips, I had the quilting version done and no drains were required. I was wondering I feel more... READ MORE

What is the difference between drain or no drains for a Tummy Tuck?

Drain or no drain procedure. If no drain where do all that fluid go. I like hearing about this procedure.. I hate the drains so many of Real self... READ MORE

Drains vs. no drains with a Tummy Tuck, what are the differences?

Some doctors insert drains after a TT for 1-2 weeks and another consultation told me he doesn't use drains but rather uses a different suturing... READ MORE

My Surgeon Did Not Put in Drains at All. Is This OK?

He said most bodies will just absorb the fluid. However, this is not the case with me. My lower abdomin keeps filling up and I have had to go have it... READ MORE

13 days post op drainless tummy tuck and for the last few days I am draining through my incision. (Photo)

I went to see my surgeon on Saturday & I got a sonogram & extracted fluid from an area. Seemed to fix the problem that day. I started to leak a lot... READ MORE

Is swelling in hips, groin and thighs normal after a no drain tummy tuck?

Is swelling in hips, groin, thighs and low back normal after a no drain tummy tuck and diastasis repair? I am wearing a binder and the swelling is... READ MORE

Should my incision look this puffy and have a ridge with a localized hard lump 21 weeks after drainless TT w/ Lipo? (Photo)

I've seen my doctor a few times about the swelling I've been experiencing after my drainless TT and he says it's just swelling and induration. It's... READ MORE

Drainless tummy tuck concerns

I read that when doing a drain-less tummy tuck the skin is quilt stitched down to help hold it in place and close the gap between the muscles and skin... READ MORE

Is it possible for a seroma to develop 6-8 months after Tummy Tuck surgery, no drains?

I had a tummy tuck in Jan 2014, no drains. In Aug I noticed a 2"x4" lump left of my belly button. My doctor thought fat, then seroma; didn't appear... READ MORE

Possible seroma after drainless full tummy tuck. Should I be concerned?

On my 12 day post op, doctor suspected possible seroma. He attempted fluid removal with needle in the area 3 times. No fluid aspired. He concluded... READ MORE

5 days post Tummy Tuck w/out drains and Breast Lift. What are the signs and symptoms of tearing muscle repair? Can it be fixed?

 I have had a lot of discomfort in upper abs from muscle repair. All of a sudden after a painful cough it feels like it has relaxed some. This... READ MORE

Where does the fluid go after a tummy tuck, and would I weigh less when it does go down?

Had a tummy tuck on Monday , today is Saturday. After surgery my tummy was so flat , then I was placed on drips and it looks now like my old tummy.... READ MORE

Is this really swelling and in time will it look way better? (Photo)

When I touch my tummy the skin feels flabby and soft is this swelling ? I asked my ps and he gave me an explanation that your tissue is like a sponge... READ MORE

Necrosis of tissue after abdominoplasty in non smoker. What would be the cause?

What would cause tissue to die if all post and pre op and post op protocals are followed in a healthy late 30s female who is not overweight. some... READ MORE

Could tightening the skin too tight in an abdominoplasty cause necrosis? (Photo)

What would case the necrosis of the tissue at the "T" sight on the abdominalplasty. This is a late 30s female, non smoker, is not exposed to second... READ MORE

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