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NHS Tummy Tuck Criteria

I am 21 and have had 2 children, and I'm left with a huge over hang on my belly. If I held the excess skin up and pushed it in, I would lose about two... READ MORE

Convincing NHS of the Need for Tummy Tuck to Improve Quality of Life?

I need a Tummy Tuck on NHS as I'm single mother who can't afford to pay. Since I got this overhang, my confidence has gone. I have never been able to... READ MORE

How to Get an NHS Referral for Tummy Tuck

I Have Had Several Operations Going Thru my Tummy I Need Tummy Tuck. i had the ok from GP and pyscologist who said she was in agreement of the tummy... READ MORE

I Have a Seroma After Tummy Tuck in Poland, Need It to Be Drained, Will NHS Do This in UK?

I'm 2 weeks post op from Tummy Tuck and Lipo and had one drain removed before I had to return to the UK, but left one in and agreed id have my doc... READ MORE

help! what do i need to fix this. liposuction scar revision so i can find a specialist? (Photo)

I had abdominoplasty 14 years ago on uk nhs, no lipo done to remove excess fat,as a result i have always had saddle bags and it has always been uneven... READ MORE

NHS Cover Tummy Tuck After Hernia and Cesarean?

I had a hernia when i was younger & i've had a cesarean and i was wondering if i met the criteria for a tummy tuck on the nhs? READ MORE

Will the NHS Help Pay for TT and if Not How Much is it in England?

I have lost 8 stone, and am waiting for back surgery. I also suffer from lypodeama. I now have a large fibrous overhang which is unsightly and heavy... READ MORE

Hi, my name Isobel Hanbury I have a lot of stretch marks and XS skin, am I entitled to NHS Tummy Tuck. (photo)

Have a lot of stretchmarks all over my tummy and XS skin from under the bellie button. I am 23 and have 2 childre READ MORE

Am I able to have something done about these on the NHS? Removal etc.. Or do you know what they are? (Photo)

I have had these for around 5yrs and I have a Hiatus hernia (I dont know if the two could be realted) they havent changed with weight gain or loss and... READ MORE

How would I get a tummy tuck on nhs.? (photo)

I suffer with depression and really need a tummy tuck it's mentally affecting me READ MORE

Can I receive a tummy tuck on NHS due to severe Divaraction of the Recti?

It's as wide as my hand and I am in discomfort 24/7. I am also a PCOS sufferer and suffer mild to moderate period like pains EVERY single day. The... READ MORE

Can a person get Tummy Tuck on the NHS?

Is it fully covered? What steps do a person need to take to have their surgery covered? READ MORE

Please help me to change my life and to get my confidence back again. I am so depressed and fed up. I'm disgusted of myself

Please I ask of you for your help to change my life in the way I look I cannot afford a tummy tuck otherwise I would not be in this situation please... READ MORE

Would the NHS provide a tummy tuck or are there other solutions apart from surgery?

Age 20 Two children in the last 3 years I have lost nearly all the weight from my pregnancys but I am left with a bit of a saggy belly problem is when... READ MORE

Total hysterectomy via laparotomy (pubic to about 6 inches above naval) in October 2011. Now have a painless hernia. (Photos)

I want to know if it's an abdominal incisional hernia repair with tummy tuck I need or just a hernia repair? The over hang is so bad it doesn't look... READ MORE

Can I get a Tummy Tuck on the NHS as I used to be a very big lady? (photos)

Am asking for a tummy tuck cause after a massive weight loss i am left with saggy skin i hate it i hate the way i look i`ve gone from about 18 and... READ MORE

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