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Need Tummy Tuck, Lots of Skin Hanging?

Large tummy hanging like Abigail apron, painful, smells & uncomfortable. Only have Medicare! Help!please READ MORE

Will Medicaid/Medicare Cover the Removal of Excessive Stomach Skin?

I had Gastric-Bypass surgery in September of 1989. Since approximently 8 months postop, I have had a very large area of excessive skin (Flab) on my... READ MORE

Will Medicaid/Medicare will pay for the removal of excess skin? I had gastric sleeve in Feb 2016, and I have already lost 120lbs

My Dr told me when I got to the weight I wanted my insurance would pay for this excess skin to be removed, I'm trying to no if it did how much out of... READ MORE

Is a Tummy Tuck covered by Medicare?

What are the reasons a Tummy Tuck would be covered by Medicare? How do a person find out if they qualify? Do they call medicare or will their doctor... READ MORE

Does Medicare Except Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck?

Does Medicare and medicaid cover breast reduction tummy tuck if given letters of recommendation from plastic sergent gynecologist and chropracter as... READ MORE

Costs/Medicare Rebates? Tummy Tuck.

Hi Guys,So I'm almost 21 years old, my whole life I've been struggling with weight etc. I have finally managed to lose a total of 23kgs and many... READ MORE

Can I Change my Doctor with Medicare?

In 2009, I had a TT, hysterectomy, & hernia repair. I got MRSA and was on a wound vac for 2 months. What happened to me should not have happened.... READ MORE

I Am 5'1"129 Usually 131 Lb, 58, Need Tt & Thighs. Medicare/tncare Any Hope?

3 ppregnancies. 1 weighed 11 lb 14 oz, gastric bypass in2004, mavel is a cavern covered with sag, abd sags to top of thighs. muscles seperated, hoping... READ MORE

What would be best to fix the muscles and belly button? (Photo)

Iv had 3 big babies and I'm small my self. I'm healthy and a size 8. I don't want anymore kids. I don't have much fat at all on my tummy and not a lot... READ MORE

I need help finding a doctor? (Photos)

I recieve medicare and I have alot of fat hanging from my stomach. I live in New Orleans, La. I need someone to help me to get this surgery. I am so... READ MORE

Medicare and panniculectomy or tummy tuck?

July 6th I had granuloma 15.5 mass remove and ovarian cancer Aug 24th I had everything else but left ovary remove found the 2 I said 1st endometriosis... READ MORE

Will Medicare cover a Tummy Tuck caused by the treatment for a Factor VII inhibitor with a weight gain and loss of 85 pounds?

By September 2009 I spent 5 months in a hospital bed somewhere. Massive amounts of steroids and chemotherapy, and pain left me wheelchair bound I have... READ MORE

Tummy tuck. Umbilical hernia and abdominal muscle separation, Medicare question. Please help! (Photo)

I have been told that I don't qualify for an item number for the TT, I will have to pay for all hospital costs as my insurance won't cover me. I would... READ MORE

I would like to know the likelihood of getting Medicare to pay for surgery and if opting for a BCBS advantage would help?

I have advanced or severe Ankylosing Spondylitis. I had VSG. Now my hinny is skin and bone. I spoke with my rheumatologist about some fat transfer to... READ MORE

What is happening with the tummy tuck rebates? (Photo)

I was going to book in to have a tummy tuck with dr vijith vijayasekaran mid next year but i have heard that medicare will no longer cover it with... READ MORE

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