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How Long Does a Tummy Tuck with Lipo Take to Heal?

For a birthday gift, my friend treated me to a tummy tuck- liposuction she treated herself as well. But it was done in her country she healed fast and... READ MORE

Best Place and Doctor Outside US for Tummy Tuck and Butt Lift?

I am looking to get a Tummy Tuck and butt lift. Since they are very expensive in USA and Canada, does anyone know the best place and best doctor to... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck,face Lift, Back Lipo in Costa Rica

I am planning to travel to Costa Rica for a tummy tuck,face lift, back lipo. I cannot afford the US price, but am desperate for a younger look, have... READ MORE

Would a Doctor in the US Write a Prescription for Meds if I'm Getting Surgery Done in Mexico?

I am traveling to MX for sx. I have thoroughly researched my doctor. I will have a TT, and lipo. I was told that the US has stronger meds than Mexico.... READ MORE

What do I need to pack for surgery in the Dominican Republic?

Hey, I am going to the Dominican Republic for surgery with King Cabral and I am getting a Tummy tuck, Lipo and Brazilian ButtLift and I was wondering... READ MORE

Thinking going to Dominican Republic for a Tummy tuck. Any advised honest opinions please!! Good or bad are welcome

Im thinking going out of the states for my tummy tuck, i really like there work, and honestly i can only afford there price READ MORE

What should I put on my open wound after my TT in the Dominican Republic? (photo)

I had my tt in Dominican Republic with a good doctor. This is my Tt now after 6 weeks. Is there anything I can put on my open wound? Am sending... READ MORE

Is flying 10 days post-op a Tummy Tuck, Brazilian Butt Lift, and aggressive back Liposuction on a 2 hr flight safe?

Im getting cosmetic surgery on medical tourism. Im having a tummy tuck, bbl and lipo to the waist, flanks, and full back. Im staying abroad for 10... READ MORE

What is normal procedure for aftercare of surgery out of state/country?

I am looking at traveling to DR or even to another state for my procedures. I am concerned about follow ups and aftercare once I get home . How is... READ MORE

Why would my Dr. suggest leaving a large seroma to be absorbed by the body, rather than draining it?

I got a tummy tuck done out of the country and when I got home noticed my seroma had come back and had also grown. I went to the ER where they did a... READ MORE

Dominican Republic surgery w/ USA follow-up

Is it common to have work done in the Dominican Republic but have PS in the States do yyour Follow-up? READ MORE

Where Can I Buy Medical Insurance for an out of Country Cosmetic Procedure in Case of Possible Complications?

Unfortunately because it is for a cosmetic procedure my medical coverage is voided. For sake of any medical complications is there a company that I... READ MORE

TT with Lipo: Is it possible for a plastic surgeon in the DR to be a board certified member with ASPS? (Photos)

If so, would that mean surgery with that doctor be just as safe as having it done in the us..please explain in depth as iam in decision phase of... READ MORE

Do I Need Travel Insurance to Travel from Canada to the Dominican Republic for my Tummy Tuck and Lypo?

I need to know if I need to purchase additional travel insurance to go from Ontario, Canada to the Dominican Republic for surgery. Also, if so, where... READ MORE

My drains were removed after malfunctioning and my surgeon is in the DR. How long will it take my body to reabsorb fluids?

Last output at 600MLS/24HR....Please help in Illinois area. How long will it take for body to reabsorb fluids? I had one drain clogged with fat... READ MORE

Lipo and TT in the DR - Swelling or Seroma?

I went to the DR and had lipo and a tummy tuck. I know that I am still very swollen. I wear my compression garment 23 hours out of the day everyday.... READ MORE

TT Seromas After Out Of Country Surgery, Who Will Help Me?

I had tummy tuck, arm lift, and lipo out of the country on 8/9. Now I have developed what I think is a seroma under my BB to my incision. I am very... READ MORE

My stomach is not flat after TT, will it stay this way? (Photo)

I'm almost 6 wks post-op. I had a TT,FBL and sculpting done in the DR. I am getting reg. massages, I wear my C.G and I have had liquid aspirated from... READ MORE

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