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Pulmonary Embolism After Tummy Tuck & Lipo. Is It Possible After 20 Days from Surgery?

Clots in right leg and both lungs. Diagnostic: pulmonary embolism. Symptoms (pain & shortness of breath mostly) on day 20 after surgery. READ MORE

Should I Be on Blood Thinners After Tummy Tuck?

Hi, In 2004 I was on a plane for 4 hrs and got off and couldn't breathe so I called 911 and was hospitalized and told I had a Pulmonary Embolosim... READ MORE

I have a lung disease (bronchiectasis) - is it safe getting a full tummy tuck?

Am I at greater risk for complications due to my pre existing condition? My asthma and lung conditions are very well controlled only need meds when I... READ MORE

Can a diastasis recti hurt your lungs by the muscles pushing upward?

I have diastasis recti for about 10 years now and my conditions makes me look like I have beer belly. By the way I am 61 years old. Some times I feel... READ MORE

How long after a tummy tuck can a chronic cough, wheezing, rattle in lungs a night last? My dr. thinks it's an allergy (Photo)

I have been tested for asthma, am taking antihistamines and inhaler almost daily. A lung xray showed nothing. I just can't clear my lungs and feel its... READ MORE

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