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Pulmonary Embolism After Tummy Tuck & Lipo. Is It Possible After 20 Days from Surgery?

Clots in right leg and both lungs. Diagnostic: pulmonary embolism. Symptoms (pain & shortness of breath mostly) on day 20 after surgery. READ MORE

Should I Be on Blood Thinners After Tummy Tuck?

Hi, In 2004 I was on a plane for 4 hrs and got off and couldn't breathe so I called 911 and was hospitalized and told I had a Pulmonary Embolosim... READ MORE

I have a lung disease (bronchiectasis) - is it safe getting a full tummy tuck?

Am I at greater risk for complications due to my pre existing condition? My asthma and lung conditions are very well controlled only need meds when I... READ MORE

How long after a tummy tuck can a chronic cough, wheezing, rattle in lungs a night last? My dr. thinks it's an allergy (Photo)

I have been tested for asthma, am taking antihistamines and inhaler almost daily. A lung xray showed nothing. I just can't clear my lungs and feel its... READ MORE

Afraid of having breathing problems due excess tightening or plication of my stomach after tummy tuck. (photos)

Can plication be customized. I don't want any pressure on my lungs. I want a flatter stomach but i am not obsessed with getting a washboard flat... READ MORE

Is tummy tuck & liposuction possible with history of blood clots & a bit of lung damage from a PE?

I have factor V lieden, and unfortunately have suffered multiple PE's and DVT!! My last PE and DVT, caused some fibrosis and interstitual lung disease... READ MORE

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