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What Are The Different Types of Tummy Tuck? What Is Best For My Case After Massive Weight Loss?

I have heard the tummy tuck called extended, anchor cut, fleur de lis and full abdominalplasty. Can you explain the difference in these, when they are... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between a Belt Lipectomy and an Extended Tummy Tuck?

I am interested in the benefits of a lower body lift that circles the body and includes the outer and medial thighs and buttocks areas but am a bit... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck+ Lipo Vs. 360 Lower Body Lift? (photos)

I'm 36 years old, I'm 5 '2 tall , and weight 112 lbs . During pregnancies I gained 66 lbs each time and lost all the extra weight within 18 months. I... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a lower body lift, Lipo in thighs, and Tummy Tuck? (photos)

Since my first question I realized I was asking for to much in one surgery, I am hoping to get lipo in the thighs and tummy and remove the excess skin... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck or Lower Body Lift? (Photos)

I am 5'8" and 200#s. 3 children and about a 90# weight loss have left me looking deflated. Should I consider a LBL instead of a TT? I've always had it... READ MORE

Do you think I can get a Tummy tuck? (photos)

I was told I needed a lower body lift but I just wanted a tummy tuck and some Lipo on the sides. READ MORE

Tummy tuck versus the full Belt lipectomy (Body Lift) or Circumferential procedure? (photos)

I've been at a stable weight for over a decade after losing nearly 100 lbs, very tall at over 6'5. All of the surgeons have said I'm an excellent... READ MORE

Lower body lift or an extended tummy tuck; with kilo & thigh lift? (Photo)

I've lost 96kg and I'm booked in to have either an extended tummy tuck with thigh lift & liposuction; or I can elect to have a 360 body lift with... READ MORE

Extended tummy tuck vs. Lower body lift/belt lift? (Photos)

So after a sleeve surgery i have lost more than 100 lbs , i have been to 4 plastic surgeons for a cunsultation, so 3 have told me im a good candidate... READ MORE

I am in the Tampa, FL area and currently doing consults. Wondering on tummy tuck vs lower body lift. (photos)

I lost 140 pounds from 2010-2012. I am now back at looking to have surgery to help with the excess skin. I have already had 3 consults. My problem is... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a tummy tuck? (Photo)

Idealy, I would like a tt and a tl, but am wondering if a lbl would be better as I don't seem to have much skin. I am 67 years old and feel that I... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck or Lower Body Lift? (photo)

Had gastric sleeve surgery in November 2014, Breast Augmentation in December 2015. Now with a 100 lb weight loss or 70% of excess body weight loss I... READ MORE

Correct terminology for procedures needed. Lower body/butt lift NOT including an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). (photo)

I have already had a full tummy tuck and an inner thigh lift and would like to extend my tummy tuck into a lower body/butt lift. I am trying to look... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck & Lower body lift?

I was just wondering, will a tummy tuck give me a lower body lift or thigh lift for loose skin in between thighs or vagina area I per say? I have many... READ MORE

So much excess skin (total loss 170) that a second tummy tuck is required?

I had a lower body lift and arm lift with fat transfer to my butt. The surgeon said that he got my stomach as tight as he could but I'll probably need... READ MORE

Abdominoplasty & LBL after panniculectomy?

I am a 50 y.o. female, 5'5“, 250# - down #60 from last year. I have another 100# to lose. My pannus and pubis mons cause skin infections and make e... READ MORE

I've lost 155 lbs. What procedures would you suggest to correct my sagging lower body? (photos)

Tummy tuck with lipo and bum augmentation or lower body lift to correct saggy midsection, bum and pubic area? I lost 155 lbs and am seeking multiple... READ MORE

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