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Is my Belly Button Too Low?

I am 30 days post op. I did not have a new belly button created, simply pulled down. It was a standard tt with lipo of the stomach, flanks and pubic... READ MORE

Can I Have my Tummy Tuck Scar Lowered to Bikini Area? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck 22 months ago to get rid of the saggy skin and stretch marks that I got after three pregnancies. I ended up with a high incision... READ MORE

What Is Your Opinion On An Umbilical Float to Lower Tummy Tuck Scar? (photo)

Opinions to lower my recent TT scar and lift my still sagging mons further include removal of an inch of skin below scar, extend scar, anchoring... READ MORE

How much lower can my Tummy Tuck scar be after revision surgery? Also, do I appear to have dog ears at this time? (photos)

Hi doctors! I'm only 6 weeks postop but already considering scar revision in spring of 2015. How much can my scar be lowered? It's NOT covering any of... READ MORE

How Would You Go About Lowering This Scar and Getting Rid of This Butt Crease and Lower These Scars? (photo)

I had a surgery last year and I need to get my scar lowered due to the fact it sticks out of my underpants, jeans, dress pants, and I not able to wear... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Scars Are Lower Post Tummy Tuck. Is This Normal?

I had a breast reduction years ago. After a recent tummy tuck the lower breast incisions/scars appear approximately 1/3 - 1/2 inch lower due to... READ MORE

Is it too soon to lower my scar?What's involve in lowering the scar?How long is the recovery? (Photo)

I am 4 months 3 weeks post surgery.35 yr old,3kids and 125 pounds. My doctor has scheduled me to lower my scar and fix the uneven shape in two weeks... READ MORE

Why do tummy tucks performed by surgeons in the Dominican Republic look better than in the US?

I noticed that the results of patients who get tummy tucks in DR look more aesthetically pleasing than in the US. The scars are much more lower by the... READ MORE

Can I lower my scars using tissue expander? (Photo)

I got my tummy tuck surgery 3 weeks ago. Healing is fine. Tissue still tight. But I'm very unhappy how high my scar is. My surgeon said I need to wait... READ MORE

Can I lower my Tummy Tuck incision scar? (photo)

I would like to lower my tummy tuck incision scar as it's very high and my bikini and hipster jeans don't cover it without showing my scar and my... READ MORE

Can you lower the tummy tuck scar by pulling down the skin all the way from under the breasts?

I recently had a tummy tuck in which the PS pulled my pubic hair area all the way up to 1 1/2" below my belly button. He was trying to get rid of a... READ MORE

Will converting to a full TT lower my mini TT incision? (Photo)

12 days po mini tt. with lower and oblique tightening incision appears way too high nothing done to BB. I know it is very early in post op period but... READ MORE

My scar too high. Will revision be able to lower this scar? (Photo)

My Ps said he cut under my c section. Yes he did, she show me some pictures but now it too high. Will revision able to lower this scar and is it... READ MORE

What can be done to lower my TT scar? I am 6 months PO. (Photo)

My PS said he would make my incision under my C-section scar and he did, but I Guess I didn't had much skin to pull because he pulled up my Pubis and... READ MORE

I have a lower bulge after full Tummy Tuck and is getting worse 9 months post op. Any suggestions? (photos)

Lower bulge is getting worse. Have not gained weight. Doctor refuses to agree that this isn't flat and says it's my body shape. Agreed to lipo closer... READ MORE

With full TT and muscle repair, can I expect a flat overall result with this upper ab laxity and excess fat?

I am early 50's, 150 lbs with prior liposuction 13 years ago. In all the pics I've reviewed, I haven't seen others with upper abs quite like mine. My... READ MORE

2 year post op Tummy tuck, I have dog ears & lower area is hard. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello everyone, Please advise on the following: Had a tummy tuck July 2013 and ended up with this dog ears on each side and a really super hard area... READ MORE

How to lower a high tummy tuck scar? (Photo)

Can scar be shorten with revision and how low and it go? I know I'm only 3 weeks and I know that I have to wait a year. But can it be lowered? My PS... READ MORE

Can I lower my incision 3 weeks after Tummy Tuck? (photos)

I'm 3 weeks post so I know I still have a lot of swelling. I'm about 75% sure that I will have to have to have a revision of the incision anyway, the... READ MORE

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