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Please Explain the Procedure of a Belt Lipectomy from the Back/butt?

I understand that the front is like a tummy tuck but is the back like a brazilian butt lif. Could someone please explain? READ MORE

What Does a "Belt Lipectomy with Abdominoplasty" Entail?

I'm scheduled for a belt lipectomy with abdominoplasty on October 29th. I know what a belt lipectomy is and I know what an abdominoplasty is. What... READ MORE

Will Breast Sag After Simultaneous Lipectomy / Abdominoplasty / Mastectomy?

1 Surgeon pro 3 procedures simultaneously. 1 Surgeon wholeheartedly against touching my breasts until abdominoplasty/liposculpture is stabilized.... READ MORE

How long is the length of recovery for a skin only Belt Lipectomy without muscle repair or drains?

I work as a nurse and took about two weeks off for my procedure. So technically I'll have exactly 14 days following my surgery to return to work. Is... READ MORE

Unhappy with extended tummy tuck wish I had belt lipectomy. Do I need to pay for a whole separate second procedure? (Photo)

I had a extended tummy tuck around 4 months ago I am unhappy with my results. I have a large amount of excess skin around my hips and lower back.... READ MORE

Should I choose abdominoplasty or belt lipectomy with fat injections in butt? Would ths be too aggressive? (Photo)

I lost about 60lbs from highest non-pregnancy weight, at my highest pregnancy weight I was 100lbs heavier than I am today. The last 18 months I... READ MORE

Type of tummy tuck? Extended tummy tuck or belt lipectomy? (Photo)

I'm trying to decide between an extended tummy tuck and a belt lipectomy. I'm not completely unhappy with my butt and thighs and wonder if an extended... READ MORE

Belt lipectomy to rid rollover muffin top? (photos)

Am i a candidate for belt lipectomy? I have loose skin all the way around. Abdominoplasty is scheduled for the end of June. I do not plan on loosing... READ MORE

Tummy tuck or belt lipectomy? (photos)

Im 31 and getting the gastric sleeve in a few weeks, I am 5'8 235 pounds, I have had 3 c-sections. And now have my tube tied and would like to get my... READ MORE

Is an extended tummy tuck to remove flank tissue very so close to a belt Lipectomy, that you might as well go all the way?

I don't need a lower body lift, belt Lipectomy, or do I? toned legs, no loose skin, and with only 10-15 pounds of fat to lose, Is a lower body lift is... READ MORE

Do I need to lose those last 10 pounds before I do my skin only belt lipectomy? (photos)

I am scheduled for a skin only belt lipectomy next week. I am 5' and 112 pounds. I used to weigh 197 lbs ten years ago. I normally weigh about 103 lbs... READ MORE

Stretch Marks with Pregnancy After a Lipectomy?

I have had 2 c-sections and a ventral hernia repair with mesh. While I had the hernia repair I had a lipectomy below the navel. It has been 3 years... READ MORE

Would I be better off with a tummy tuck or a belt lipectomy? (Photos)

5'6, 162 pound 32 yo. Had 3 children back to back, followed by 70 pound weight loss. Have maintained the loss for a year. I'm wondering if I would... READ MORE

Can I get really flat with just a Belt Lipectomy or do I need a FDL also? I believe it comes with muscle repair. (photos)

Lost 228lbs looking to get flat as possible. I do have a mesh in my belly from a umbelical hernia. Do I need a FDL also or just Belt lipectomy? Please... READ MORE

What abdominal procedure would you recommend for me? (Photo)

I recently lost 100 lbs after bariatric surgery. It's clear that my tummy needs work done, but I don't know what procedure would produce the best... READ MORE

Extended TT vs Belt Lipectomy? (Photos)

I am a 43 year old who has lost 70 lbs via diet/exercise. Due to my weight loss/previous back lumbar surgery, my buttocks have atrophied, and I am... READ MORE

Do I need just a belt lipectomy or do I need the one from my breast bone to my pelvis also to get rid of the loose skin? (photo)

I have lost 226obs and I have a lot of loose skin. I want to get a belt lipecotomy but am afraid that won't get rid of all the loose back and side... READ MORE

Difference between fleur de lis lipectomy and fleur de lis abdominoplasty?

I went to a consult yesterday and the good doctor recommended a fleur de lis lipectomy. A previous doctor recommended a circumferential abdominoplasty... READ MORE

Can I start running 7 weeks after belt Lipectomy?

Had a full belt lipectomy done on December 16th 2016. Recovery going well, no complications. Went back to the gym after one month and have been doing... READ MORE

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