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Why does my belly feel heavy when I lay down. Why do I have a burning sensation when I wake, how long will this last? (photo)

Also, how long until I can sleep through the night comfortably? I am 21 days post extended tt. The sensation of heaviness reminds me of the last... READ MORE

Can Laying Flat Too Soon Post TT Tear Stitches?

I am POD 9. On POD 7 I slid down in my recliner and ended up in an overextended position and excruciating incisional pain that resolved that day. Now... READ MORE

Confusing Post Op Instruction Received by my PS After TT and BBL..Butt Is Flat?

I had a mini tummy tuck (only remove lose skin) and a BBL on 04-13-12. Im 5 ft 140 lbs and with no ass, no roundness, just flatness. i was under the... READ MORE

How Long Should I "Log Roll" Following TT?

I'd just like some extra opinions on how long I should "log roll" out of bed following a TT. I am 18 days PO, and aside from a wound from fleur de lis... READ MORE

Please clarify that this is not intrabdominal fat. Is future Tummy Tuck result shown when laying down? (photos)

1). I can grab all this so I'm guessing this is not intrabdominal fat which of course would not be removed with a tummy tuck? 2). Would I really be as... READ MORE

How Can I Lay when Having Multiple Procedures Done Within the Same Surgery Day?

I had a consultation done a few weeks ago and was told that I need liposuction,tummy tuck along with the Brazilian butt lift.. I wanted to know how... READ MORE

For a full abdominoplasty with liposuction, when does the surgeon do his markings on the body?

For an abdominoplasty with liposuction, when does the surgeon usually do his makings? Before surgery, with the patient standing? Or with the patient... READ MORE

Why is my upper abdomen so hard and tender? (photo)

I'm 6 months post op TT and flank Lipo. In still tender (sometime severe with touch) and swollen,I guess, above my bb. I can feel that my sutures did... READ MORE

Why is my stomach flat right after laying down on my bed but then a few minutes after gettung up it gets bigger? 3 mnths post op

I had a tummy tuck 3 months ago. If i lay down on my bed casually for 10-15 minutes and then get up i notice my stomach looks much flatter but then a... READ MORE

Will laying on stomach allow seroma to lower back move to front?

I had a tummy tuck & circumferential liposuction July 7th. Minimal swelling, drains removed after 9 days, developed seroma on 11th day. I also had... READ MORE

I'm in DR & had a TT 1wk ago today. I am staying at a hotel w my husband Til 11/28. I am laying on lounge chair & sun by pool.

I am laying at the pool on lounge chair w a maxi dress n faja under it. I have towels covering the stomach area and only my face, chest,arms, and... READ MORE

1 month post-op TT, I feel pulling in my stomach when I go to turn over in bed, normal?

It's been 41/2 weeks since my full tummy tuck with lipo is it normal to feel pulling in My stomach at night when I try to turn over in bed? READ MORE

Is it true if when you lay down your tummy goes flat you will have a better tummy tuck result? (photo)

I've heard that if when you lay down on your back and your stomach goes flat, you will have better tummy tuck results, is this true? Mine goes so flat... READ MORE

I am a 54 type 2 diabetic, swelling after 6 months of surgery. Abdominoplasty and repairs to muscle wall, is this normal?(photo)

I have considerable swelling above the incision line on my right and left side. I suffer from stiffness in that area, difficulty laying in bed and... READ MORE

I have tightness when sitting 6 weeks post Tummy tuck. Any suggestions?

My tummy feels tight 'almost 'concrete' -like after sitting inna chair - I am 6 weeks post tummy tuck. I find walking the most pleasant but even lying... READ MORE

During the Tummy tuck procedure, how does the doctor get an accurate result if I'm lying down during the surgery?

I notice that my stomach looks flabbier when I stand up than when I lie down flat. So how does the doctor get an accurate result if I'm lying down... READ MORE

14 year post op Tummy Tuck, why doesn't my lower stomach go flat when I lay down but use to?

I am 54 years old, 5" 1 and weigh 120Lbs, I had a tummy tuck 14 years ago and the last 4 years my lowered stomach area is hard and doesn't go flat... READ MORE

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