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How Do Surgeons Address The Upper Pubic Area With A Tummy Tuck

I see alot of pictures online were women have tummy tucks after weight loss but they are left with all the fat/lose skin that bulges above and around... READ MORE

Best Procedure for Flabby Belly

I have battled with a flabby belly for years - I am 5'6", 155 lbs 31" waist, 41" hips. I am looking for a non or minimally invasive... READ MORE

Loose Abd. Skin Following Gastric Bypass, What Can I Do? (photo)

History: Gastric bypass, lost 100lbs. Age 50. Currently at a stable wt of 120 at 5ft 2in. Issue: Overall skin laxity. Abdomen bothers me the most.... READ MORE

Normal To Have Skin Laxity 5 Months Post TT w/ MR?

I am 5 months PO from full TT and muscle repair. Although I love my results in clothes, standing up, when I sit I am back to having quite a large roll... READ MORE

22 Year Old No Kids, Tummy Tuck with or Without Muscle Repair?

I am a 22y/o with no kids that has lost over 50lbs in the past year.I've consulted 2 PS's&am confused as to what the right decision is... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Radio frequency treatments for loose abdominal skin or Tummy tuck? (photos)

Post twin pregnancy I have many tiny, fine, faint stretch marks of the upper abdomen with some skin laxity in that region and periumbilically. Flat... READ MORE

Do I have enough skin to do a full tummy tuck properly and where my scar will be hidden very low? (photos)

I want the full muscle tightening because a mini would only address the lower half and as you can see I have muscle laxity in my top half as well.... READ MORE

Skin Laxity? Swelling? Poor Tone? Seroma? (photo)

I am 15 weeks post TT w umb float and muscle plication. Upon awakening I am relatively flat and skin moderately tight. After rising, within the hours,... READ MORE

What is Your Opinion on Umbilical Float to Lower Tummy Tuck Scar - Follow Up to my First Question Posted 2/1/12 (photo)

Follow up to my first question, please add: My incision was made at the line in the before photo, just into my hairline, which now runs into my scar.... READ MORE

What procedure works best for laxity in upper abdomen? (photos)

I had a tummy tuck done a number of years ago & below the belly button is still nice & firm but above the belly button the skin has become redundant... READ MORE

Can You Have a Full Tummy Tuck if a Mini Left You with Skin Laxity?

I had one done on 5/6/2010 and as of today I still have laxity in my lower abdominal area especially with folds on both lateral sides. What do you... READ MORE

Are there any alternatives to tummy tuck to help skin laxity?? (Pre-Child bearing) (photo)

I have lost some weight but now have stretch marks. I don't want to lose anymore weight & I have some skin laxity & minimal fat in my lower abdomen... READ MORE

Will a tummy tuck fix diastasis and bulging of abdomen?

Is it true that diastasis rectus muscle repair does not fix laxity in the abdominal fascia? So after surgery I can be flat in the morning but look... READ MORE

How invasive of a surgery is skin excision for upper abdomen laxity after mini TT with full muscle repair already done? (Photo)

I'm 4 wks post op from a mini TT with full MR. Dr suggested the mini, said If i went with a full I would also have a verticle scar from my bb because... READ MORE

A mini tummy tuck and umbilicoplasty or a full tummy tuck for a petite mum? (photos)

I am 32 years old, 5ft, 48 kgs. After 3 kids I have stretch marks & lax skin. My goal is to wear a bikini, as I only wear one pieces due to... READ MORE

My doctor recommended either Reverse Tummy Tuck or Fleur de Lis for second procedure. Which technique would be best? (photos)

Had a full tuck/breast lift 6 months ago and have too much skin on upper area. Saw PS today and she drew on my tummy two options...a reverse tummy... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for umbilicoplasty/scar revision? (photos)

Approx 2 inches above the naval and the navel due to a poor decision to have both the top and bottom pierced. The area is loose and stretchmarks I... READ MORE

How can I have a bikini body again? What is the least drastic approach that would be successful? (Photo)

I'm having a very hard time deciding which procedure to do. A tummy tuck and lipo will leave me with the ugly stretchmarks on my hips. I would love to... READ MORE

Will a modified Tummy Tuck be right for me? (photos)

I believe I'd benefit from an endoscopic abdominoplasty & umbilicoplasty w/revision to an 8" scar from my myomectomy & a 4 " csection scar 2" below... READ MORE

What's considered normal practice? I'm not happy with my tummy tuck results. Can I be fixed? (photo)

I was allowed to use coconut oil on my TT incisions 1 wk post op & I suffered wound dehiscence in my BB. Now there's a lot of scarring, to the point... READ MORE

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