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Tummy Tuck Constipation Can I Pull Internal Sutures

I know this sounds silly. I am super constipated from my pain killers. I am 5 days out and just stopped taking them. I am taking colace twice a day... READ MORE

Could I Have Tore my Internal Sutures 8 Days After my Tummy Tuck?

I had to go have a scan at the ER to check for a blood clot 8 days after surgery. I told the radiologist I could not lay flat but he insisted I had to... READ MORE

Internal Bleed After Full TT, Lipo, MR. 2 Wks PO and Still Super Hard, Swollen. Normal? (photo)

I am 5'5, 123lbs and a size 2. I had a full TT w/lipo, muscle repair 13 days ago. At my post op my PS said I had a bleed during surgery on my left... READ MORE

Worried About Tummy Tuck Internal Corset Stitching Sutures?

Hello, I experienced what's called spitting stitches with my breast lift and even had a small infection on one spot. My question is regarding the... READ MORE

Does the Feeling of the Internal Stitches to the Muscle Repair Completely Subside?

I am asking this because I have read that women on real self had had tummy tucks and subsequently had trouble breathing deeply and they are blaming... READ MORE

How Strong Are the Internal Stitches?

I had a tummy tuck 2 weeks ago.I feel great and have had almost no pain. I do get sore and tight,I know that is to be expected. I guess the fact that... READ MORE

How Will Internal Scars Affect Tummy Tuck?

When I had my c-section 6 years ago and went to have my staples removed, they discovered hematomas behind the staples. My wound needed to be... READ MORE

How Long Can It Take for Internal Stitches from a Tummy Tuck to Dissolve?

I had surgery 7 months ago and some of the internal stitches are still there, just wondering if this is normal and how long it could potentially take... READ MORE

What happens to the internal sutures in a Tummy Tuck when correcting the diastasis recti?

I feel like possibly a silly question. I guess I don't entirely know how it works. When the ab muscles are sutured together in a tummy tuck do the... READ MORE

Should Metal Clamps Be Left Inside After a Tummy Tuck Surgery? (photo)

My doctor explained that I have about ten metal clamps left inside. These clamps are used on veins during surgery. Why was this necessary? I developed... READ MORE

Can I Still Play Full-contact Sports After a Tummy Tuck?

Can I get a tummy tuck and still play competitive full-contact sports with no pain or fear of damage? (Never had children, this procedure is to remove... READ MORE

Worried I Tore my Internal Sutures (4.5 Weeks Post-op)? (photo)

I've been waking up with a nice flat tummy this entire time. I have not had much swelling or any real issues. I was advised at 4 weeks that I could... READ MORE

Is it possible to tear or damage internal sutures by violent laughter?

I am 1 week po from a tummy tuck and on the left side of my stomach near my belly button, my stomach has seemed to soften, stay sore, and I almost... READ MORE

How painful are internal stitches?

I'm five weeks post op and have a small sharp object under the skin near my incisions. Surgeon said it's internal stitches that she can remove in a... READ MORE

How can you tell if the muscle & skin have re-attached internally after a tummy tuck?

I will be 3 wks post op on tues..I feel internally I'm not healing right? Ever since I had the surgery I've had an awful time with car rides. Tummy... READ MORE

Why are these internal stitches coming out? It's been almost one year. (Photo)

Is this normal now visit a wound care dr who is also a ps. He just cut the entire wound. What if there's more??sept 11 it will be a year READ MORE

10 days post op Tummy Tuck, how likely it is that I may have popped an internal stitch?

However in the last couple of days I have sneezed and coughed hard, all of which I've been very careful in doing and still hold my abdomen. There have... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Internal Sutures?

I had a tummy tuck about 8 weeks ago, and I've been having some difficulties with my diet, so I started binging for a while (though I have only gained... READ MORE

How long does it take to heal on the inside after tummy tuck?

I can see my scar is healing well on the outside and wonder if it heals as fast inside where they lifted my skin up? I'm six week post op and it still... READ MORE

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