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Snowboard Fall - 6mo After TT - Now Swollen & Numb(er)

Hi, I am F,26,125lbs,6mo PO after TT I had a hard/fast fall(snowboarding, much worse than usual) while snowboarding, right after i felt a bruise right... READ MORE

Can a tummy tuck strengthen my core?

I am 56 yrs old and I suffered a lower back injury in 1997 it is getting worst even though I do exercises. Yet because of my lower back injury I... READ MORE

Have I Injured Myself From Fainting Post-Op?

On the night after my mini TT I fainted while sat on the bed, I fell back while my feet remained on the floor, when I came round there was a lot of... READ MORE

Workman Comp Nurse Said Can Not Get Rectus Diastasis from Fall? (photo)

Fell off a ladder and hit the concrete floor and my tummy hit a sink on the ground , 3 hours later this shows up. Dr said he cant tell if this is a... READ MORE

Lumbosacral Plexus nerve injury does this make sense post op Tummy Tuck and Breast Reduction? I'm 4 months post op

4mths po TT and brst rdcttion . My dx is lumbarsacral plexus nerve injury many of the nerves in both legs affected esp My sural nerves (no conduction... READ MORE

Muscles post Tummy Tuck

Is the psoas muscle surgically repaired during tummy tuck? If so is there any risk in losing result if that muscle is massaged through chiropractic.... READ MORE

Have you ever seen an injury like this with a Tummy Tuck with Lipo? What caused it? Your recommendations for treatment? (photo)

My first priority is understanding how to heal and minimize scarring. Second is understanding what happened and why. READ MORE

Will insurance cover a tummy tuck or some form of correction due to injury? BCBS (photo)

I have attached a photo for review I was a victim Of domestic abuse a few years ago. I have a GSW to the left abdominal area as well as the groan area... READ MORE

How common is a compression injury. My Dr said that he has seen it many times. I don't believe it.

One of my tubes came out and my compression garment was too tight and I could not feel it. I called the Dr and he said it was ok because I still had... READ MORE

I have Medicare & Medicaid I gained 50 lbs due to emergency spinal fusion and being immobile for 6 months

Ive lost almost all of the weight and have quite a bit of excess skin hanging on my belly I get sores & I don't think it's good for my back. I'm not... READ MORE

TT: I had a GS 3 years ago (was 350 )lost 120lbs I'm now 240 and not losing more weight. (photos)

Can I have tt, lipo & arms? I'm 5'5" and I haven't lost anymore weight. I'm thrilled with what I have lost and unfortunately gained back 10-15 lbs... READ MORE

I am 5.5 weeks post TT with lipo. Swelling around lower abdomen. Advice? (photos)

I wear my garment and follow my surgeon's instructions. The swelling is driving me nuts! It feels like a small inner tube at the level of my incision... READ MORE

Are spasms normal after weight gain 2.5 years post tummy tuck with muscle repair?

I am 2 1/2 years out and have gained almost 40-45 lbs because of an injury that has kept me from walking and weight gain due to medication. I have... READ MORE

Endoscopic repair for recent 2 finger separation from injury. What is the recovery for endoscopic repair?

Recent injury caused my less than 1 finger to change to 2 slightly more in areas between naval to sternum. I am thin and this has caused pain and... READ MORE

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