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Possible to Develop a Seroma 6 Weeks Post Tummy Tuck?

I had a mini tummy tuck 8 weeks ago. I wore my compression garment for a 6 week period. Before(with the garment) it was well contured and the skin was... READ MORE

Has Anyone Heard of Having Inflammation of Fat After a Tummy Tuck?

I am 10 weeks post op, I had a full TT w/ muscle repair and lipo. 3 weeks ago I started to get a large roll above my waist line. At first I was told... READ MORE

7 weeks post op...seroma after tummy tuck? (photo)

I am 7 wks post TT. One side of the incision has been open for some time due to non healing. Now I seem to have developed some hard lump that is... READ MORE

Cellulitis? Could skin be dying? 4 weeks PO FTT with MR. Including pics of necrosis from PO day 1 and recent infection. (photo)

I developed red inflammation that I posted about 2 days ago. I have since been put on antibiotics 500mg Cipro 2x/day. It has gone from pink, red, dark... READ MORE

What is Red Syndrome After a Tummy Tuck?

Someone told me it is the inflammatory response around the scar that is hormonally mediated and occurs about 1 month after surgery. READ MORE

Does this look like fat necrosis? (Photo)

I'm 4 weeks 3 days post op from having an abdominoplasty. I'm Having an issue with spitting stitches in one area however in the incision line above my... READ MORE

I have a a hard but moving bump after Tummy Tuck. Is this normal? (photos)

Hi, i have a bump 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" in one side of my hips. It doesnt hurt but it is very prominent. I wonder if it will dissapear? I also have a hard... READ MORE

Large area of skin surrounding incision, on right side, is deep red & causing a lot of discomfort & pain. Blood Clot? (photo)

I am near 4 weeks post-op TT. I've had a few complications with my incision. A portion of it has opened up from skin stress, but that's a different... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Still Have Tightness 8 Years After the Tummy Tuck?

Tightness never stopped and I found it is worse with vigorous exercises. I know the tissues were pulled and irritated so that the chronic inflamation... READ MORE

I Am 4weeks Post my Tummy Tuck Inflamation is Normal when I Am More Active?

I am good when i wake up unil have of day ,my belly swells should i rest more ? READ MORE

8 weeks post tummy tuck and belly button hasn't healed, what do I do? (Photos)

I had a tummy tuck with muscle repair and flank lipo 8 weeks ago. I will post a pic of my belly button at 5 weeks and one today at 8 weeks. There's... READ MORE

8 weeks post op. Incision inflamed, red, hot. Why would this issue be appearing so far out? (photos)

I'm currently on day 3 of antibiotics. recently cleared for full activity. Suddenly my incision has become very inflamed. I felt achy and was having... READ MORE

Bumps and inflammation on my pubic area after tummy tuck and inner thigh lift. What can I do to smooth them out? (Photo)

I have developed inflammation and bumps where the pubic area and tummy tuck incisions meet. I also had an inner thigh lift at the same time. Will the... READ MORE

Is my tummy tuck incision healing properly? (Photo)

9 day post op with staple removal from incision on post op day 7. Concerns about two areas of incision. One area looks inflammed and the other is red.... READ MORE

Will the loose skin somehow go away with time and will the bulge go away? (Photo)

I had bbl and a TT on Aug 20 2015. my stomach looks bulgy at the bottom. All the other girls at the recovery house had immediate flat stomachs and... READ MORE

Ventral Hernia Abdominal Reconstruction, Causing Severe Inflammation Agony on Daily Basis?

5 months ago Ab reconstruction w/ hernia .post surgery abdominal wall burning lost 22 lbs . Biweekly trigger point injections directly into Ab wall... READ MORE

Flying and inflammation

I'm currently nesting in a hotel in india. Very swollen after extented tt, lipo, br, and arm lift done in 2 surgeries, 6 days apart. Compression... READ MORE

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