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What Type of Tummy Tuck Surgery Necessitates a Vertical Scar As Well As a Horizonal One?

I have seen pictures of tummy tuck after photos and been concerned by the small vertical scar I see in some along with the expected horizontal scar.... READ MORE

If I Dont Have Alot of Loose Skin Can my Tummy Tuck Be Extremely Low and Horizontal ?

I would like a mommy make over , but i am worried about scar placement . I live in a beach community and we wear our bathing suits rite at our pubic... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Have a Horizontal Tummy Tuck Scar Placed Under C-Section Scar?

I am wondering if I could possibly get a horizontal full tummy tuck scar below my current c-section scar without having to get a vertical scar. If the... READ MORE

Full TT - Normal to Make Vertical Incision Under the Horizontal?

I am starting to feel nervous about what my scarring is going to look like now. My doctor who is well respected and board certified, said that he may... READ MORE

Why doesn't my tummy tuck look flat? Why do I have a vertical and horizontal scar? And what happened to my belly button? (photo)

I recently had a full TT known as an hour glass tuck with gristle tightening. I was told I would have 1 drain, 1 horizontal scar and a new belly... READ MORE

Too soon for a Tummy tuck (abdominalplasty)? (photos)

For years I have been stuck at the weight of about 130-125. I have lost about 50-60lbs. I'm 5 ft and 21 years. Recently a PS told me I am a good... READ MORE

Extended Mini with Muscle Repair or full TT? I just don't want to look pregnant anymore! (photos)

I've consulted w 2 surgeons. Both told me that for a full TT, i would need a horizonal scar w vertical attachment because i dont have enough skin... READ MORE

Candidate for a full Tummy tuck and muscle repair with a straight incision? (photos)

I am 5'2", 110lbs. 1 surgery an ovarian cyst with a low horizontal scar, 1 pregnancy with a c/s cut along the existing scar, 2nd pregnancy with a... READ MORE

Would I qualify for a tummy tuck or would it be a waste for me?

I have very little skin however there is some wrinkling above my belly button I'd like removed. Would this be possible with a tummy tuck or would I... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck with possible need for a tiny vertical scar w my horizontal scar. Why some need this?

I interviewed 3 Dr's and they all said the same thing. I have picked my Dr and I am all set to go. He explained he will most likely need to also... READ MORE

Is a vertical scar necessary in addition to the horizontal scar in my case? (photos)

I had a consultation with a board certified PS who told me I was a good candidate for full tt . He told me he would place the horizontal incision very... READ MORE

Is it true that I might need both a vertical and a horizontal scar ??? (photo)

I had a consultation with a doctor and I really feel comfortable with her but she said that because of the amount of excess skin and the way my belly... READ MORE

Instead of 2 scars, I have a 3rd long & vertical scar, 2 belly buttons, a horizontal scar that is scrunched on both hips (Photo)

1)Can this scrunched up skin be fixed? 2)Why do I have 2 belly buttons? 3)Why is the verticle scar so high? I weighed only 130 lbs before surgery. I... READ MORE

Why liposuction over tummy tuck? (photos)

Okay going back to my prior question I noticed a lot of the plastic surgeons on here are telling me to go get liposuction of the abdominal flanks.... READ MORE

Considering a fleur de lis tummy tuck, with the two cuts: one horizontal and one vertical. (photo)

I have long stretch marks on my belly and I decided to make this kind once will take the extra skin and the strech marks into just one vertical cut.... READ MORE

Will a tummy tuck replace my previous abdominal scar? (photo)

I had a benign cyst removed as a baby. So there's a horizontal scar about an inch above my belly button. I got older and the scar attached to the... READ MORE

Would I need a vertical scar? How much for a tummy tuck? (photo)

I want to know if I would need a certical scar along with a horizontal scar? Also, about how much would a tummy tuck cost? READ MORE

Postponed tummy tuck concerned about incision (Photo)

I was scheduled for a tummy tuck the Dr said I would get the best result from a upside down T tummy tuck I am worried about having a verticle scar as... READ MORE

Follow-Up Question: Hernia scar looking for a tummy tuck

Got some answer from Doutors I do appreciated I was ask to give for info So here goes ,done 5 years ago it's a horizontal scar about 2" wide and its... READ MORE

Tummy tuck scar too high but aside from that are my results at nearly 6 weeks post op reasonable? (Photos)

I will be addressing the issue of the too high scar when I see my surgeon in Sept but do the rest of my results looks reasonable? I have bunching and... READ MORE

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