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Is This a Herniated Belly Button or Just Pregnancy Damage?

Before my two pregnancies I definitely had an "innie" belly button. Now it's half in/half out and tends to pop out whenever I do any... READ MORE

How Do I Know if I've Developed a Post Pregnancy Hernia?

I had a baby 9 weeks ago. My abs felt like they had a split. I spoke to my OB and they determined it to be so. I'm wondering what the best way to... READ MORE

Can Tummy Tuck and Hernia Repair Be Done at the Same Time by One Doctor?

Hello I am 22 years old and recently had a baby. I am left with stretch marks and loose skin. My abdominal walls are separated and my bellybutton now... READ MORE

Umbilical Float or Full Tummy Tuck for High Belly Button?

I am 110lbs, 5'4" and had twins. I now have a hernia, diastasis, low c-section scar and only a small amount of skin ABOVE my belly button (bb). I... READ MORE

Can Plastic Surgeon Do Diastasis Recti Repair with a Hernia in One Surgery?

I had three children and have a Diastasis Recti along with umbilical hernia. I was told I needed to have a surgeon and plastic surgeon work on my... READ MORE

How Do You Know if You Have a Hernia After Pregnancy?

Hi, I have 3 children all who were big babies (my son was 9lbs 11 oz!). During the c section for my son the dr. said that he was caught in my abdomen... READ MORE

How Do You Know if You Have a Ruptured Belly Button Hernia?

I am asking this question for my son. I do not have a picture of his belly. READ MORE

Hernia Repair Right After C-section?

I am pregnant with my 3rd child, which will be a repeat c-section. I already had 2 c-sections with my other two children before. I have developed... READ MORE

Could Bulge On C-Section Scar Be Torn Muscle?

I Had 2 C Sections. One in 2010 and One in 2012.  With the second c section I had a small bulge on the cut self. Now it is bigger. Can it be that... READ MORE

How Different is Hernia Repair from a Tummy Tuck?

I am 24 years old and I have two kids. After giving birth I was left with a trouble tummy. I just went to the doc yesterday and she told me that I... READ MORE

Can I fly with a hernia ?

My gp thinks that i could have a hernia ,the pain is in the lower right side by the groings, i cant feel the lump but the pain is there and there is a... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck for Patient with Hernia After C-section?

I have had 2 C-sections (2004 and 2008). After my last c-section, I developed an ileus. Because I was so bloated, my intestines pushed through the... READ MORE

Confusion About: Weight Loss Goals & Umbilical Hernia & Postpartum Skin AND Boobs?

SO desperate... I just had my second (and last) baby 6 months ago, and I need to lose 60 pounds. I have an umbilical hernia, and boobs so big I need... READ MORE

Will a Tummy Tuck Help with Hernia Repair?

I am in need of 4th hernia surgery. I am meshed from breast bone to navel, then navel down. Can a tummy tuck be performed along with the hernia... READ MORE

Umbilical Hernia Repair - What Surgery is my Best Option?

I have ab separation and cannot do sit ups because it makes my stomach protrude. I've had three children in three years. Should I get a plastic... READ MORE

Can a Sneeze Undo a Stitch on an Incisional Hernia?

As i sneezed and felt a pain above where ther hernia is/was and a what felt like a gush of wind where the mesh is on my incisional hernia is and it... READ MORE

Can One Plastic Surgeon Do Hernia Repairs Along with Tummy Tuck?

After a consult for Smart Lipo, I was told it would not do me much good cause I have a hernia (belly button), my abdominal wall is torn, and my... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck After Hernia Repair with Mesh?

I had hernia repair surgery with mesh. Can I have tummy tuck done? READ MORE

Combining Tummy Tuck with Ventral Hernia Removal?

I Have a LARGE ventral hernia, and I would like to know if have a Tummy Tuck would be a good idea at the same time of my hernia surgery? This is... READ MORE

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