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Need Tummy Tuck, Lots of Skin Hanging?

Large tummy hanging like Abigail apron, painful, smells & uncomfortable. Only have Medicare! Help!please READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Skin Hang Like This After a Tummy Tuck when Laying Down on Your Side? (photo)

I am 7WPO, I have had minimum swelling. My PS said I did not need MR once he got inside. I see other ladies have almost like concaves when they have... READ MORE

Hanging Belly, Will Cardio be Enough or do I Need a Tummy Tuck?

Will cardio work or is a tummy tuck needed..i have a two year old and a 1 year old. i have lost 20 lbs n the sagging still remains...i am 22 years old... READ MORE

Hanging Skin 4 Months Post-Tummy Tuck

I had a full tummy tuck 4 months ago. I have had 4 c-sections, a hysterectomy, and lost 150 lbs in the last 5 years. Leaving a lot of excess skin.... READ MORE

Can I Get a Tummy Tuck After a Open Appendectomy Left Me Disfigured?

I am a 26yo female. Type 1 diabetic on a pump and very well controlled. In 2003 after my appendix ruptured I was left with a huge misshapened... READ MORE

Bloated Look and Hanging Skin? (photo)

I am 39, 5'4", 148lbs with a history of two c sections with some deep stretch marks and some loose skin. When relaxed I can look about 5 months... READ MORE

What Is My Best Option To Treat The Hanging Skin On My Stomach? (photo)

I definitely have gynecomastia, and as can be seen probably in the picture from the front angle. I am definitely getting surgery for this. Do you... READ MORE

12 days post op of Tummy Tuck, I have dent on my left side. Is this normal? (photos)

I have a dent on my left side that's bothering me. My PS said that it will go away in time but I want to be sure that it will. Do my pics look normal... READ MORE

Skinny Legs and Arms with a Saggy Stomach Wt180 Ht 5'6. Can I Get a Tummy Tuck?

Top heavy women seem to run in my family Big Breast and flabby saggy stomachs I am 5'6 and 180 lbs I have given birth to 3 children I have did the... READ MORE

TT M/R No Lipo Fat Bubble and Hip Overhang? (photo)

3 months PO Please help, I have extreme hip over hang above my incision that my doctor says is fat and will not go away unless I lose weight or... READ MORE

Has Tummy Tuck or Mini Tummy Tuck gone wrong?? (photos)

Is this a tummy tuck gone wrong. I was under the impression that I was going for an abdominoplasty. But post OP it looked like a mini TT. The skin is... READ MORE

If I Am 14 Weeks Post Op and Still Have Hanging Skin, Will It Get Any Better? (photo)

I had a full tt with lipo and muscle repair after losing 30 kg, I am now 14 weeks post op and still have hanging skin, do you think that this is as... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck and Augmentation-171 Lbs-5'2-lost 100- How Do I Prepare?

I am scheduled for a Tummy tuck & augmentation in 17 days. I lost 100 lbs over 3 yrs. Now 5'2-171 lbs and I can't loose any more-the lower... READ MORE

What is the difference between a Body Lift and a Tummy Tuck? (photos)

I had a Gastric Sleeve procedure in June of 2012 and lost 75 lbs. Now I would like to get rid of the flab and have less stomach overhang but I don't... READ MORE

I'm 25, 5'4" and currently weighing 175lbs. Am I a candidate for a tummy tuck? (photos)

I'm 25, 5'4" and currently weighing 175lbs since losing 30. At my heaviest while pregnant I was nearly 250. Both were c-sections. My first I was more... READ MORE

My lower abdomen hangs terribly below belly button. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

Hanging skin below belly button. I feel deformed I have a very small frame I am 4'11 this protrudes out of everything that I wear feels very heavy and... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck or Thermage or Laser? (photo)

I am a fitness trainer and was a model for many years. I am now 44 years old and in spite of my earlier career I am probably in the best shape i have... READ MORE

Why Does my Stomach Hang After my Tummy Tuck?

Why Does my Stomach Hang After my Tummy Tuck?  READ MORE

Am I a candidate for an extended TT now? (Photo)

I had gastric sleeve 2 1/2 years ago. High weight 300. Lowest weight 180. Current weight 198 stable for 6 months. This stomach is hanging and heavy. I... READ MORE

I'm overweight. After birth, my tummy is hanging. I excercise daily. What is the best way to deal with a hanging tummy? (Photo)

I have one baby 3 years old after c section I got hanging tummy.i am so worried about my tummy I can't wear dress.i need to try 2 nd baby but if I get... READ MORE

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