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Is It Necessary to Wear a Girdle After Tummy Tuck?

My doctor says I don't have to wear a girdle after my tummy tuck.  Is this normal?  It seems other doctors require this. READ MORE

Girdle Panty Vs. Binding for Tummy Tuck Recovery

I am spose to wear my binding after tummt tuck for 6 weeks  what can happen if i dont wear it all the time.. It hurts me and i hate it...Will a... READ MORE

2 Days Post-Op Tummy Tuck and Breast Reduction: Itchy Under Dressings

My dressings and girdle. I'm afraid to scratch due to so many incisions. Does any body have any recommendations? READ MORE

What is a Good Girdle After Tummy Tuck?

I am 5 weeks post mommy makeover and have been using a Squeem but the metal rods dig into the bottom of my breast and my thighs. Any others... READ MORE

If I Don't Wear a Girdle my Stomach Swells So Bad It Literally Feels and Looks Like Its Going to Explode?

I had my tt 2 yrs ago. I developed seroma after a month. For the first year I spent a lot of time at my doctors office for drainage. Then I felt as if... READ MORE

Should I Cover my Belly Button While Wearing my Girdle - (Zips in the Front)?

I got a tummy tuck 12 days ago. Been applying ointment that was giving to me by my Doctor and covering it. I'm afraid if I don't cover it I... READ MORE

My skin is discolored in areas from lack of blood flow. What could I do to increase blood flow? (Photo)

My skin is discolored in areas from lack of blood flow. I am 6 days post op. I am a non smoker. I was wondering what I could do to increase blood... READ MORE

Hello wonderful docs, I'm 3 months post op TT with muscle repair and I'm afraid I might have undone my muscle repair (Photo)

Three weeks ago I was w/o my girdle & accidentally picked up my 27 lb 2 y/o. Since then I have been in a lot of pain and can see some bulging of my... READ MORE

I'm unhappy with full tummy tuck results, do I need a revision? (4/4/14) (photo)

Unhappy with results from week 1 I had a fold in the middle because the girdle was too tight.The 2 times I saw the dr and said Im not happy he... READ MORE

Am I Retaining Water or Blood? Or is Normal to Loo Like That After 4 Month of the Surgery? (photo)

I have my tummy tuck 4 1/2 month ago. I still using the girdle all the time. I lift weights and I have a diet, but not abs exercise yet. The skin in... READ MORE

Do you think the internal girdle that is performed when a tummy tuck is done can come undone?

7 years ago I had a tummy tuck and extremely happy with it and have had no problems what so ever. About 2 months ago I had the flu and the coughing... READ MORE

Are my results normal for 3 weeks post op? (Photo)

I had a tummy tuck 3 weeks ago and I think the results look great but my tummy sticks out around belly button, is this normal? I have seen 3 week old... READ MORE

Discolored skin. Could the girdle be too tight? (Photo)

I had a ftt with hip and thigh lipo. I have 2 spots that are discolored not getting enough blood flow. I wear a girdle and binder. Could the girdle be... READ MORE

Four months post of tummy tuck, middle just on top of the scar some swelling like as if you are blowing up a balloon. (Photo)

Normally I use a gurdle to hold everything in place but most of the people who has the same operation has now removed the gurdle READ MORE

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