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How can I get a free tummy tuck?

Need help with getting a tummy tuck have medical insurance but it doesn't cover cosmetic surgery and I can't afford what it costs unless I can get... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Financing Bad Credit

How Do I Get Apporved for a Tummy Tuck with Bad Credit? READ MORE

Financing Plans for Plastic Surgery After Gastric Bypass?

I had gastric bypass on 5-31-06.Started at 325lbs,now at 122lbs.I have been wondering is it better to see a plastic surgeon that is independent or... READ MORE

Are there any surgery financing options for people with bad credit?

I have ugly credit thanks to my ex husband. I have lost alot of weight and am in badly need of a tummy tuck and later a breast lift. I feel I just... READ MORE

Is a tummy tuck safe if you have had c-section complications?

I have had two c sections an with my last I tore internally. My doctor said that I have a lot of Scar tissue will this be an issue if I decide to get... READ MORE

Is it possible to get a tummy tuck for less than $5,000 or find an office that accepts payment plans? (photo)

Ready to give up everything... I have 8 kids and 5 c sections. a lot of saggy skin, fat,I'm just wondering I guess is it possible to find proceedure... READ MORE

Any Probono for a Tummy Tuck?

Many surgery on my tummy scars after scars do not have ins. just medicare i am disable due to 9/11/2001. been depressed . have not dated since i was... READ MORE

How to Finance a Tummy Tuck? (photo)

Im a stay at home mom to two young boys,the youngest being 4 months old.i am disgusted with my stomach.i hate it so much i have not even let my... READ MORE

How Do People Afford to Pay?

Do the Doctors o ffer installment options, I can't afford $12,000 or even $6,000 any suggestions to pay for the treatment I badly want a tummy tuck READ MORE

Tummy Tuck For Someone Without the Funds?

I know their must be a lot of people.asking this but is their a way or someon can help with a tummy tuck I just don't have a lot of money and I would... READ MORE

Is there any company that will finance for the abdominoplasty?

I just had my consultation done and my cost is 6800.00. I don't know weather to get a personal loan or trying to find a company that helps with this. READ MORE

In Need of Help For Surgeries Financially?

I would like to know if there's a program for people who can't afford 20 grand or get a loan? I had a bad hysterectomy and has left me numb,... READ MORE

How much total would it cost if I did tummy tuck and lipo on both thighs? (photos)

If i can get something that is very affordable maybe under $5,000 for all the procdures im asking it would be great. although it is impossible because... READ MORE

I'm a 38 Year Old Lady That Just Had a Gastric Bypass. In a Year or So I Will Need a Body. Help?

I'm a widow with three kids. My ins will not pay for a body lift. I live near knoxville Tn. Does anyone know of a program close that has a free or low... READ MORE

Do any Doctors provide Icare Patient financing for a tummy tuck?

If so, please include an average (ballpark figure) of the cost. Thanks! READ MORE

How can I get a tummy tuck if no one will finance me? (photos)

I have no credit. No one will approve me. I work out with insanity, and hip hop abs. I am vegan, been for 3 weeks. Im doing all I can and still my... READ MORE

Would a Tummy Tuck Be Worth It and Any Financing Available?

3 c-sections, 2 hernia's 1 on c-sec. Scare and 1 up and down. I feel I may need some muscle repair because it still hurts. So, I want to know if I... READ MORE

I am approved for a loan through medical finance. Are there any surgeons who will accept payment from this company?

I want a TT and a possible breast augmentation. I am hoping for a package discount. I am in Lake Charles,Louisiana and wish to not travel too far for... READ MORE

How do I pay for a Tummy tuck?

I've been yearning for a tummy tuck for 4 yrs now but with my income I know I'll never be able to afford almost $9,000 upfront I'd there anyway to... READ MORE

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