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This is a photo of one of my incision sites after surgical glue fell off (9 days). Is this "normal? " (Photo)

I underwent surgery a week and the days ago. Since then, glue holding wounds closed has begun peeling and falling off. Today when the glue feel off... READ MORE

Drain Fell out 3 Days Post TT w/ Lipo, Should I Worry?

3 days post op from TT with lipo, feel pretty good* and I am limiting my pain meds. Then whoppsee one of drains fell out. Yes the drains were draining... READ MORE

I'm 8 days post TT. It was tight at first, but now I am feeling when I relax it "falls" out. Is this normal? (Photo)

What I mean by this is when I relax my tummy feel like it falls out like it needs to be sucked in there is no fat it's just the way it feels. I am... READ MORE

I'm now 5 days post tummy tuck and the drain fell out at 3 days post op. Will I be ok? (photo)

They tried placing it back but there was excessive leakage and air was getting in. I'm worried that this will affect me for the worse. My doctor... READ MORE

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