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Will I Be Able to Do Ab Exercises, Etc. After Tummy Tuck Heals?

I have diastasis recti and lots of wrinkly loose skin from having 3 large babies. Before the kids I did extremely taxing ab routines of 40-60 minutes... READ MORE

Will Tummy Tuck Really Affect my Waist Size and Curve?

I am scheduled for tummy tuck. I am wondering if my waist will only lose the extra skin or will it actually have an effect on the size and curve... READ MORE

How Much Size Difference Can I Expect After Tummy Tuck?

Will there be difference in size of my waist and belly after tummy tuck? If yes, how much? I am scheduled for a tummy tuck. I am wondering how much... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for a Tummy Tuck Belly Button to Heal?

Hi everyone. I am 31, I have two kids and a year ago I had a tummy tuck and liposculpture procedure done. My body doesn't seem to like scars and... READ MORE

What Happens at a Preop Appt for a Tummy Tuck?

What Happens at a Preop Appt for a Tummy Tuck? READ MORE

How Can I Prevent Getting Short of Breath After Tummy Tuck?

I have read about people getting short of breath after having a tummy tuck. I am having one on April 7th and is there anything I can do to prevent... READ MORE

Is Itching Expected After Tummy Tuck?

Hi, I am planning to get my tummy tuck done and doing lots of research on the same. I just came across posts about itching after tummy tuck. Many of... READ MORE

Lump After Tummy Tuck and Liposuction?

I've had a Tummy Tuck and Liposuction on my hips two weeks ago. I have now found a lump in my back the size of a marble or slightly bigger. I can now... READ MORE

Do Belly Bandit or Medical Grade Compression Tummy Belly Belts Work For Stretch Marks?

Does Belly Bandit or Medical Grade Compression Tummy Belly Belts works? Kourtney Kardashian claims this helped her stomach down after her pregnancy.... READ MORE

Are the Ab Muscles Cut and Removed During a Tummy Tuck - or Simply Stitched Together?

I was curious during the process of a tummy tuck, do you actually cut and remove part of the abdominal muscles or just the skin on top? READ MORE

My Scar from a Gallbladder Surgery over 20 Yrs Ago is on my Right Side. Will It Interfere With a TT?

Scar is almost 3in long over the right side of my body, is there any reason for concern, in requards to a tummy tuck. What precautions will need to be... READ MORE

Will a Tummy Tuck Make My Stomach Real Flat?

I'm having a tummy tuck will my stomach be really flat after it READ MORE

During my First Pregnancy my Stomach Muscle Had Completely Diversified. After 2nd Child, Drs. Recommend Mesh. What Can I Expect?

Doctors are suggesting I get a plastic mesh insertion treatment. My stomach protrudes out very prominently like a full term pregnant lady's would.... READ MORE

How Long Does Pain Last After Tummy Tuck Surgery if No Muscles Needed to Be Tightened

I had tummy tuck surgery two days ago. the doc told me that all he had to do was remove access skin. he said that my muscles were really toned and did... READ MORE

Will I Be Naked During my Tummy Tuck? Can I Wear Socks?

I know this is such a random question but I have seen a lot of questions from women wondering what underwear to wear, can we wear socks, I... READ MORE

If I Remove 700cc From 42DD, Where Would That Put Me? (photo)

I'm having BR, TT with lipo on flanks and also muscle repair. PS advised Aetna wants 700cc removed per breast. I am currently 207 lb with 42DD.... READ MORE

Will a TT with Muscle Repair Help Strengthen Stomach Muscles After C Section?

I have had two C-sections and since my second c-section I have had great difficulty building the strength back up in my abs. I have a large separation... READ MORE

What Can I Expect From Pregnancy 4 Years After Tummy Tuck?

Hello all, 4 years ago I did a tummy tuck, because I thought I was not going to have more babies, but now change of thinking and wanted to know if it... READ MORE

After a Tummy Tuck What Happens to the Stitches to Repair Ab Separation. I Am 34 Days out and Feel Them More.

When I bend over I get a twinge of pain I feel like is from the stitches used in the ab separation. I had a 2" separation that was closed from... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck, Lipo of Arms, Back, Thighs All In One Day Recommended?

I am getting cosmetic surgery done in June. I will be getting liposuction on the arms, back, thighs and tummy with a tuck. Then I am getting a breast... READ MORE

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