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How to Convince Insurance Company to Cover Tummy Tuck?

I went to see about a tummy tuck and the doctor said I was a good candidate to have it done. As soon as she heard of my insurance, she said no they do... READ MORE

Best Procedure for Excess Fat and Skin After Lapband Surgery?

I've lost 100lbs after having a LapBand put in nearly 4 years ago. My stomach issues are very unique looking, which is why I'm having the difficulty... READ MORE

How Can You Determine if Fat is Abdominal or Not?

I am scheduled for a TT on June 15th. I am worried that my fat is abdominal fat and not "loose" fat--thereby hindering my positive results.... READ MORE

I was wondering if my stomach (upper part) were you can't see my belly button is either excess fat or loose skin? (Photo)

I was wondering if my stomach (upper part) were you can't see my belly button is either excess fat or loose skin. I have lost a little over a 100 lbs... READ MORE

I'm freaking out my surgeon messed up my full Abdominoplasty. What I should say at my first post op? (photos)

I had the procedure July 1. My surgeon was amazing all the way up to the surgery. After the surgery I only saw him briefly but he said it went well... READ MORE

I have lower stomach fat above my pubic mound. Why is it there and what is the best solution to get rid of it? (photos)

I have excess stomach fat above my pubic mound. I have never had children and I've had this all my life, even at my skinniest. I was wondering why is... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Remove a Vertical Scar and Excess Fat Left over from a Full Tummy Tuck?

I had a full tummy tuck almost a year ago and still have excess fat and an unattractive vertical scar from the pubic line almost up the navel. I am... READ MORE

help! what do i need to fix this. liposuction scar revision so i can find a specialist? (Photo)

I had abdominoplasty 14 years ago on uk nhs, no lipo done to remove excess fat,as a result i have always had saddle bags and it has always been uneven... READ MORE

How can I tell if my abdominal fat is visceral?

I carry all of my excess weight is my stomach. It is very flabby and loose. Not tight at all. Is there a way for me to tell if it's visceral or not? READ MORE

With full TT and muscle repair, can I expect a flat overall result with this upper ab laxity and excess fat?

I am early 50's, 150 lbs with prior liposuction 13 years ago. In all the pics I've reviewed, I haven't seen others with upper abs quite like mine. My... READ MORE

How do I get rid of Tummy Tuck Excess Fluid??

Hello, I am 2 weeks po from my tummy tuck and my stomach was flatter on day 2 than it is now. I feel fine and dont have any major pain or discomfort.... READ MORE

Afraid of having breathing problems due excess tightening or plication of my stomach after tummy tuck. (photos)

Can plication be customized. I don't want any pressure on my lungs. I want a flatter stomach but i am not obsessed with getting a washboard flat... READ MORE

I have excessive belching 4 months post op Tummy Tuck. Any suggestions ?

Age 62 I've had rare acid reflux & a small Hiatal Hernia x 10yrs. NO BELCHING! I am 4 mons PO TT with Rectus plication. PO I had severe nausea but no... READ MORE

About how many sizes can I loose after abdominoplasty? (photos)

I am 5 foot 10 I weigh about 210 pounds,and I carry a ton of excess in the abdominal area. I have had VSG almost two years ago and even thought my... READ MORE

Why do I look and feel 3 months pregnant after my tummy tuck? (photo)

I am 6months post tummy tuck and after the first 2months of surgery I started to see & feel an excessive tightening abdominal extension, as if... READ MORE

Help me feel sexy again - lipo, tummy tuck or laser surgery? (photos)

I am a 22 yr old mother of 3 of ages 4, 5 & 7. I have excessive fat and a wrinkled up stomach. I dont feel comfortable with my body and I need... READ MORE

How do you know if you need a mini or a full tummy tuck?

I am a 35 year old female mother of 2. I have excessive stretch marks and saggy skin in lower abdomen and pouch looking depending on what I wear. I am... READ MORE

I have a very large hernia above my belly button. I am requesting insurance to pay for Tummy tuck too for excessive hangover.

I have a very large hernia pressing on my diaphragm causing breathing issues. I want a tummy tuck at the same time to remove excessive hangover. I... READ MORE

What can I get beyond tummy tuck?

I have had three large children and have exccesive skin but also after the last child I have not been able to lose weight. I don't want gastric bypass... READ MORE

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