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Are There Any Plastic Surgery Schools That Offer a Discount on Tummy Tucks Near Atlanta?

I am very petite 5 foot 2 and 124lbs but after having a child (10 years ago) I can't get rid of that extra belly fat (very minimal) well the... READ MORE

Skinny Girl Tummy Tuck?

I am 5'4 and weigh 120lbs. I live in Orange County, CA. I work out 1.5/hrs. 5 days a week. I have had 3 pregnancies but have muscle separation and... READ MORE

Lipo / Tummy Tuck for $4,500 in Philadelphia?

I Live in Philadelphia Looking on Spending 4500 on Lipo/tummy Tuck. i work in the health care field and I'm familiar with the fees but i wanted to... READ MORE

Where Can I Get a Cheap Tummy Tuck in New York?

Hello everyone, I would like to get a tummy tuck and lipo done, 11 yrs ago I had a 10 pound baby and gained 80 pounds while pregnant:( I now lost the... READ MORE

Medical Schools in Raleigh, NC That Offer Free Tummy Tucks?

I have often heard of dental schools offering free dental work for patients, is there any place in raleigh nc that will do this for tummy tucks. i... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery Schools in Chicago that Offer Discount Tummy Tucks

Are There Any Plastic Surgery Schools That Offer a Discount on Tummy Tucks Near Chicago READ MORE

Is Tummy Tuck for Yeast Infection Covered by Insurance?

Are yeast infections enough to have your insurance company pay for a tummy tuck? My primary doctor told me that I could have about 10 pounds of fat... READ MORE

Considering Getting Tummy Tuck at Post-Grad Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship Program in NYC, Is this the Right Route?

I am a 50yr old female considering a Tummy Tuck after 2 c-sections in my 20's my skin below my belly button is sagging. I am in fairly good... READ MORE

Teaching Hospitals in Houston, TX for Tummy Tuck

I am looking for a teaching school for tummy tucks in the houston area because I cant afford a tummy tuck from any surgeons here. Please help. Saggy... READ MORE

Best Place and Doctor Outside US for Tummy Tuck and Butt Lift?

I am looking to get a Tummy Tuck and butt lift. Since they are very expensive in USA and Canada, does anyone know the best place and best doctor to... READ MORE

Cheap Tummy Tuck in Washington DC?

I desperately need a tummy tuck. Are there any doctors in the Washington, DC area performing this service pro bono or at a greatly reduced fee? I... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations for South Florida Tummy Tuck and Lipo?

I'm searching for south Florida Drs. who you've had awesome results with, after full tummy tick and lipo. Does anyone have someone they can... READ MORE

How Much Would You Quote my Tummy Tuck, San Fran Bay Area Doctors?

I posted a previous picture but the caption did not show up. I gained 80 pounds during my pregnancy and gave birth to a 10 pound baby!! I carried my... READ MORE

Where/How Do I Find a Plastic Surgery Teaching Hospital Near Howell, NJ?

I am looking to get a tummy tuck and maybe a mini face lift. I wanted to go to a teaching hospital , but do not know how to go about find them. Thank... READ MORE

Progressive Tension Suture Technique Canadian Surgeons? (photo)

After years research I am eager to finally go ahead with an abdominoplasty. Having four kids I have loose skin and alot of stretch marks as I am quite... READ MORE

Pittsburgh Tummy Tuck Doctor Recommendations

I am only 19 and after having my son, I have loose baggy skin with wrinkles. At a consultation i was told a full tummy tuck with hernia... READ MORE

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