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6 Weeks Post Ftt and my Belly Looks Disfigured! Options? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck 6 weeks ago after losing 14 stones. straight after surgery for the first week i had a super flat tummy. towards the end of week 4 i... READ MORE

HELP! Is There Any Way to Fix my Disfigured Stomach? (photo)

I am a 19 year old female who had an open apendectomy at 16 years old two weeks after child birth. By the time I had my surgery the appendix had been... READ MORE

Belly button itching and looking disfigured 2 years after tummy tuck. Can anyone explain what might be happening? (Photo)

I had a full tummy procedure done approx 2 years ago... Few days ago my belly button area started itching intensely... And has started to look... READ MORE

Tummy tuck solar plexis swelling or disfigured 2 days post op (Photo)

See photos. there is an odd, very lumpy section of skin all around my solar plexis with a strange line down the middle. IS THIS NORMAL? Is it just... READ MORE

Post BBL. Should I get a tummy tuck or will more lipo be helpful? (photos)

I got a BBL done almost seven months ago. My stomach doesn't look terrible from the lipo BUT it is disfigured which I expected. I don't really have... READ MORE

If you have a upper abdomen tattoo can a tummy tuck disfigure the tattoo?

I want to get a BBL , and Liposuction but most doctors I contacted recommended a tummy tuck. I've always been hesitant bc I have a upper abdominal... READ MORE

I am 4 weeks post op. Is such an infection normal after a tummy tuck? (photo)

I developed a bad infection week 2 that left me disfigured. Dr says he can repair it or skin graft it after a wound pump. This isnt what I expected... READ MORE

After my hysterectomy, I am left feeling deformed/disfigured. What's my recourse?

. As a result, according to my surgeon, is reason why I developed a huge 'hot dog bun' like BULGE above my new incision. I am deeply depressed and... READ MORE

Is there any hope for removal of my keloid scar? (Photo)

I have never keloid in the past and after my first c section I feel disfigured.i want to have tummy tuck can this be fixed in the same procedure ? READ MORE

Tuck and lipo 3 yrs ago. Looks like I am back to square one. Uneven belly and disfigured. What to do? (Photo)

Need to know what can I do about this. All the money I spent my tummy should be flat READ MORE

1 month follow-up appt. Looks lumpy. Dr. suggested TT to correct. Why? (photos)

1) Will TT make my abdomen look normal/smoother? 2) will manual massage break up scar tissue and promote a better result? Would handheld massage... READ MORE

Why do some tummy tuck incisions look pleated?

I've noticed a difference in the way some board certified plastic surgeons close their incisions. Some are shorter (not hip to hip) and have a... READ MORE

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