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Lipo / Tummy Tuck for $4,500 in Philadelphia?

I Live in Philadelphia Looking on Spending 4500 on Lipo/tummy Tuck. i work in the health care field and I'm familiar with the fees but i wanted to... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery Schools in Chicago that Offer Discount Tummy Tucks

Are There Any Plastic Surgery Schools That Offer a Discount on Tummy Tucks Near Chicago READ MORE

Financing Plans for Plastic Surgery After Gastric Bypass?

I had gastric bypass on 5-31-06.Started at 325lbs,now at 122lbs.I have been wondering is it better to see a plastic surgeon that is independent or... READ MORE

Discounted Tummy Tuck Near Knoxville, Tennessee?

I live near Knoxville Tn And i am age 28 with 2 kids 6yrs and 2yrs.I have alot of skin hanging in the apron area as well as some above my belly button... READ MORE

How to Get a Big Butt? No Money! Any Doctor Willing to Donate?

I was never lucky enough to have a nice butt. Now in my 50's is getting worst. I do not have the money to get plastic surgery, so I was wondering... READ MORE

Is There Way to Get Discounted or Free Plastic Surgery for the Belly to Correct What Old Surgeries Have Done?

I have server chron's disease in march of 2011 I had 16 inches of my intestines removed and November 2011 I had my gallbladder removed the old... READ MORE

Does anyone offer Tummy Tuck Special Discounts or Cash Discounts in the Seattle Area??

I am very interested in getting a tummy tuck in September 2015. I am looking for an affordable Doctor in the Seattle area that offers specials or cash... READ MORE

Is it true that in Washington state, a woman can get a highly discounted to free tummy tuck after 3 or more c-sections?

I am about to receive my fifth c section. I can lose the weight easily, however, the little flappy pocket of skin under my belly button is impossible... READ MORE

Do you offer discounts for multiple procedures performed at the same time?

And which multiple procedures to you recommend having done together? Eventually, I want a full body sculpting -- Tummy (does this include muscle... READ MORE

Is it wrong to try a negotiated a price when you already got a discount the first time around?

I love my doctor and would not want anyone else to do my tummy tuck. But I feel like a crossed the line by asking if he will negotiate. I'm just... READ MORE

Discounted cosmetic surgery for gastric bypass patients?

Does any doctor offer discounts to gastric bypass patients on cosmetic surgeries like tummy tucks, thigh lifts, etc. in NYC or even Nj Plastic surgery... READ MORE

Do Surgeons normally give discounts to returning patients?

Do Surgeons normally give discounts to returning patients? My Dr done my breast aug 15 years ago and 6mths ago he discounted my 2nd breast aug to get... READ MORE

Will I get a discount on my Tummy Tuck/love handle lipo if I have it done at the same time as my incisional hernia repair?

I have a small incisional hernia - about 10 cm, vertical, above my naval. The insurance company (Kaiser) will cover the hernia. Would it make economic... READ MORE

Can anyone help with good but lower price tummy tuck?

Long story short is I had to have a hysterectomy due to cancer and my stomach has fallen and they never reconnected my muscles or put anything back... READ MORE

Reputable NJ teaching hospital with discounted ps for a tummy tuck hernia repair, muscle repair, minor flank and back lipo?

Anyone have info on reputable new jersey teatching hospital with discounted plastic surgery for tummy tuck, hernia repair, muscle repair, minor flank... READ MORE

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