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Possible to Do Full Tummy Tuck While Doing Diep Flap Procedure?

I understand that the diep flap benefit of a real 'tummy tuck' is not covered by insurance. Is it reasonable to ask for the cost of a full... READ MORE

7 Mos. After Bilateral DIEP Flap, my Abdomen Continues to by Puffy/swollen, What Can I Do? (photo)

7 mos. after bilateral DIEP flap reconstruction, my abdomen continues to be puffy/swollen when I get up in the morning sometimes, after pilates,... READ MORE

Tummy Bulge 9 Months Post-Op DIEP Flap, Can I Fix Without Adding Mesh?

I have a tummy bulge on one side of my lower abdomen after my diep flap 9 months ago. It often tenses up like I'm having pregnancy contractions... READ MORE

I am so depressed about my tummy after DIEP flap. I am hoping my tummy can be reconstructed. (photo)

Can you explain what sort of operation would be required and what the chances of success are? Would a plastic surgeon's skill be needed or would it be... READ MORE

Bulge over Pubic Area Above Incision for DIEP Flap?

I had a bilateral mastectomy and diep flap reconstruction 2 months ago. My ps says the fist sized bulge is not a hernia, that it is due to weak or lax... READ MORE

Is permanent lymphedema possible after Tummy Tuck?

I had a mastectomy/DIEP flap surgery in March of this year. My tummy is still painfully swollen, sometimes worse than other times depending on the... READ MORE

1.5 year post op DIEP surgery, I have an abdomen pain while exercising. Is this normal?

I had a DIEP surgery in January 2013. The recovery was good. But I feel this piercing pain on the left side of my lower abdomen every time when I do... READ MORE

Can this be corrected? (photos)

What are my options to correct this? i has breast cancer has diep to reconstrute breast.From the time I was released from hospital my stomach... READ MORE

Melting Pot of Surgeries: DIEP, Tummy Tuck, BBL?

I started researching BBL prior to my BC diagnosis. I will be looking at bilateral reconstruction ~ May 2013 and I want DIEP. I understand that this... READ MORE

What Adverse Rx Occur W EtoH Trt of Abdominal Seroma (200 Ml Size)? I Am 8 Wks Past DIEP?

An abdominal seroma below my incision, crosses the midline has causes a prominent bulge in my lower abdomen for 7+weeks after DIEP surgery. This... READ MORE

What are my options for repair of left sided abdominal bulge and failed diastasis recti repair following DIEP? (photo)

Breast cancer survivor, R mastectomy Apr 2012. DIEP surgery March 2015, healed well & very pleased with results. Having L balancing mastopexy in... READ MORE

I wish to know if not washing the area will better support healing? DIEP surgery was five weeks ago. (photos)

I have two small holes in abdomen which has not healed five weeks after DIEP surgery .I was washing daily and using iodine dressing. This did not work... READ MORE

How do I prevent developing fluid from a tummy tuck?

I had a DIEPS Flap surgery in Nov and had a significant seroma develop. I had surgery to address the seroma last week. I had two drains put in. One... READ MORE

I have extra skin hanging from the side of my body after I had the surgery called DIEP Flap. What do I do?

I'm having a lot of pain on my side I don't know if it's water weight but it's extra skin and it makes my body shape weird I never had a shape like... READ MORE

Wondering about lower belly bulge? (Photos)

Hello, I had DIEP surgery March 13 I am about 2.5 months out. I had a open belly wound started 2-3 weeks post op...wet to dry dressing for 2... READ MORE

Can a cosmetic tummy tuck and lips be done after diep flap?

Can a cosmetic tummy tuck and lipo be done after diep flap? I had a diep flap done about 1 year ago and I am unhappy that tummy is not as flat as... READ MORE

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