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Should Diabetics Avoid Tummy Tuck?

I am a 19-year type 1 diabetic. I have not had any problems with my weight management through out the course of my life. I exercise regularly and... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Help Type 2 Diabetes?

Why wouldn't a tummy tuck help my type 2 diabetes as I only weight 122 lbs and my tummy is the only place with fat on it as it was cut due to... READ MORE

OK to Have Tummy Tuck After Previous Hernia Repair?

Can I have tummy tuck if I have already had surgery on my abdomen for hernia repair? I'm diabetic on insulin, and I look as if i'm ready to give birth... READ MORE

Can I Get a Tummy Tuck After a Open Appendectomy Left Me Disfigured?

I am a 26yo female. Type 1 diabetic on a pump and very well controlled. In 2003 after my appendix ruptured I was left with a huge misshapened... READ MORE

Will Diabetes/high Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol Affect a Tummy Tuck Surgery?

I have diabetes (controlled) high blood pressure and high cholesterol, will these problems prevent me from getting an abdominoplasty? READ MORE

How to Treat Skin Necrosis After Abdominoplasty?

I had undergone abdominoplasty 5th june 2012,then went for resuturing twice since then,but still no improvement ,i am diabetic&hypertensive 50 yrs... READ MORE

Can I have surgery if I had a stroke 6 years ago?

I"m 56 147 lbs 5*8 and I am not in fantastic health however I do exercise 3 times a week I have a stroke but my blood pressure is leveling out I want... READ MORE

Will or Can Another Doctor Provide After Care in the US for Sugery, You May Have Had Done Overseas?

I'm thinking about going to the Dominican Republic for surgery and would like to know if by chance, Being a diabetic type 2 I develope some kind of... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck - I Have a Vertical C-section Scar from 20 Yrs Ago and Several Health Concerns

I have a vertical c-section scar and lots of excess skin on my abdomen from 20 yrs ago. My conscern is the healing process. I am a type-1 diabetic. I... READ MORE

question about fascia

I had a full tummy tuck and hernia repair with biological mesh about 7 months ago. After going to see my PS because the tummy is still not flat and... READ MORE

Full TT W/ Diastasis Repair: Do Your Muscles "Work" Properly Again Afterwards?

I'm 34 y.o. & am experiencing lower back pain/pulled chest muscles as a result of diastasis caused by my 2nd pregnancy. I'm having a full TT with... READ MORE

Tummy Buldge

Hi Doc I am 42 yr female. and have 2 kids of age 8 and 5yrs . Also I am type 2 diabetic .I had it for last 4.5 yrs. However my stomach after my second... READ MORE

Do I Need to Be Cleared by my PCP or Endocrinologist Before Surgery for a TT?

I am a type I diabetic on an insulin pump and wanting a TT. I am well controlled with a good AIC. I was wondering if I will have to be cleared by my... READ MORE

Can a type 1 diabetic get a Tummy Tuck?

Type 1 diabetic who lost weight and now has excessive skin. Is it safe to have surgery to get it removed? Other means to remove it? READ MORE

Any Surgeons Who Will Do Tummy Tuck on 39 Bmi and Controlled Diabetic? No Doc, I Cant Lose Weight - Pannus Hurts Back.

39 bmi (227 lbs, 5'5"), diabetic. Yes, I know lose weight, but pannus kills back - even with support. Lost hope of getting surgery, but exactly what I... READ MORE

Tummy tuck and breast lift at 59 1/2? (photo)

I am in excellent health, I do not nor never have smoked. I seldom drink (2 -4 a yr). I was a type 2 diabetic but have had normal A 1C's since I loss... READ MORE

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