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Understanding ICD9-CM and Procedure Codes to Know What is Covered?

My insurance approved a surgery for me using ICD9-CM Code 728.84 (Diastasis of Muscle). There is a Procedure Code of 15847 with a description of: EXC... READ MORE

If I Cover my Four Wk TT Scar Can I Use a Sunbed?

I'm going on a cruise 7wks after a TT I'm healing really well,can I cover my tummy area an use a sunbed before I go. I don't plan to spend any length... READ MORE

Is a Tummy Tuck covered by Medicare?

What are the reasons a Tummy Tuck would be covered by Medicare? How do a person find out if they qualify? Do they call medicare or will their doctor... READ MORE

Will my Insurance Pay for my Tummy Tuck?

Will my Insurance Pay for my Tummy Tuck? READ MORE

Will Medicare Cover a Medically Necessary Abdominalplasty?

I had a hystrectomy when I was 31. Then they had to go back in a year later to remove the last ovary. Since this I have always had a constant struggle... READ MORE

I Have Lost Nearly 60 Lbs, and Have a Very Large Amount of Skin Hanging Over, Would Insurance Help with This?

I have lost nearly 60 lbs, and have a Huge amount of abdominal skin hanging down. Makes my shoulders and back ache, have constant issues with yeast,... READ MORE

I Had a Gastric Bypas 6 Yrs Ago and Had About 5 Umbilical Hernias, and I Now Have Another. Will Insurance Cover?

I've had gastric bypass surgery 6 yrs ago and had umbilical hernia's since now I'm having surgery again. Since I have so much scar tissue... READ MORE

Will I be able to wear a bikini after a full Tummy tuck ?

I just booked my surgery for full Tummy Tuck July 13 - wondering if I will be able to wear bikini later ? Will I be able to find a bottom that will... READ MORE

Will my Insurance Carrier Cover an Abdominalplasty After my Gastric Bypass?

I had my bypass in 2001. Even after childbirth, I have managed to keep off the 100 lbs that I've lost 9 years ago. I'm just wondering if there have... READ MORE

Will my insurance cover any procedure?

My question is does insurance pay for anything if u want a tummy tuck or mini tummy tuck? My insurance is GHI. If insurance does pay anything what do... READ MORE

Will medical insurance cover for some tummy tuck procedure?

If i can find a doctor who at least lets medi-cal cover for some surgery it would be great and i can just cover the rest out of pocket. im healthy and... READ MORE

NHS Cover Tummy Tuck After Hernia and Cesarean?

I had a hernia when i was younger & i've had a cesarean and i was wondering if i met the criteria for a tummy tuck on the nhs? READ MORE

I've just left hospital this morning 4 days post tummy tuck. The nurse took off the dressing and didn't replace it

I've just left hospital this morning 4 days post tummy tuck, the nurse took of the dressing and didnt replace it, should it still be covered? READ MORE

Medicare and panniculectomy or tummy tuck?

July 6th I had granuloma 15.5 mass remove and ovarian cancer Aug 24th I had everything else but left ovary remove found the 2 I said 1st endometriosis... READ MORE

I am thinking about having a Tummy tuck , but don't know if it would be worth it. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have stretch marks below and above my belly button. I have heard that the stretch marks above my belly button will be brought down. Not sure if it... READ MORE

What is the criteria I would have to have to be deemed medically necessary for a tummy tuck needed from gastric bypass?

I called my insurance for benefit coverage about a brachioplasty and a tummy tuck. They said the arm lift is not covered but they said a tummy tuck is... READ MORE

Partial Insurance Payment?

I know insurance companies do not cover abdominoplasty. However, will they cover a medically necessary panniculectomy, along with facility (OR)... READ MORE

Should binder after Tummy Tuck cover the incision?

I am 2 weeks post my tummy tuck. I would like to reduce the tension on my scar as much as possible and wanted to know if my binder should also cover... READ MORE

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