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Tummy Tuck Scar Location and Extension in Men

I have two options: a longer scar on the waist line going a few inches to the back. This would improve the flanks contour. The other doctor suggests a... READ MORE

What can be done w/ mediocre results after a full TT, MR and lipo to the flanks? Should my tummy be in my lap when I sit?(photo)

I am a lil disappointed & embarassed w/ my results. While there is a noticable diff. with my b4 & after..i expected much better results..i spoke 2 my... READ MORE

Uneven Conture After Tt, How Can You Tell if the Muscle Repair is Compromised?

3mth post tt, I have no more swelling and am back to normal. My left side feels tight and is flat but, right side feels loose and there is a bulge... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Tummy Tuck, my belly is hard and shooting pain into the thighs. Is this normal?

Ok I'm only 2 weeks 1 day post up. I had a full tummy tuck. Lipo to my back lower back and some body contouring. My belly still feels very tight of... READ MORE

Are the before and after pictures be a realistic outcome for me? (photos)

I would like to know if this before and after (edited photo) of myself is a somewhat attainable and realistic outcome?with tummy tuck and hip lipo.?... READ MORE

TT and body contouring needed (Photo)

I would like to have a nice shape after tummy tuck without scare look would lipo and TT give me that look. Also does a vaginal lift come with TT? READ MORE

If you don't drink lots of water after having Tummy tuck / lipo contouring, what can happen ?

I am going to have Tummy tuck/ lipo waist. & back body contouring soon and was told I would have to drink lots of water after my procedures . I am not... READ MORE

How to keep hip contours/hourglass shape after tummy tuck? (Photo)

Hello, I've noticed that on a lot of tummy tucks it seems that the belly is undefined and even after over a year of healing, it seems almost like an... READ MORE

3 months PO full MR/TT - swelling or persisten skin laxity? (photos)

5'3", 125 lbs, stats 36/26/36, full muscle repair/tummy tuck (no lipo) 3 months ago. Very happy w/results overall. Tummy is flat and taut when... READ MORE

Is this the normal contour of abdominal muscles or did I pull apart my internal sutures? (photos)

I sent my surgeon photos (same ones as I have attached) and he said it looks like the contour of my abdominal muscles and what abs are suppose to look... READ MORE

Does a Tummy Tuck and the whole back with lipo performed on flanks make you look lighter than what you actually are?

O.K so I will be getting a TT and lipo on my whole back and i weigh about 187... And Fyi i am not doing this for weight loss im doing it for... READ MORE

How does a PS contour to other areas during full or mini tummy tuck?

How does a PS complete a full or mini tummy tuck and able to contour to the other areas without using liposuction? I guess my main question is how can... READ MORE

My op is on 14.12.15. Will a tummy tuck really help define my contours? (Photo)

I'm 27, 5ft 1, 144lbs, 36dd breasts, 35in waist, 40in hips, 23in thighs. Dress size 14-16 (UK). I know my BMR s/b 1300-1500 cals (hard!) but I do stay... READ MORE

Tummy tuck versus the full Belt lipectomy (Body Lift) or Circumferential procedure? (photos)

I've been at a stable weight for over a decade after losing nearly 100 lbs, very tall at over 6'5. All of the surgeons have said I'm an excellent... READ MORE

Which procedure to get a flat tummy and better contours? (photos)

Im 5'1" ,136 pound female. I have one child via c c section cut was vertical and i have never been a very active person.though i... READ MORE

Did my surgeon remove enough skin? (photos)

I'm 12 weeks po from Full tt, mr and lipo to flanks. I know it's still fairly early, however, I am not happy with my results. I feel like more skin... READ MORE

Is there a reason why doctors in the US don't contour a woman's body as close as an hourglass?

Is there a reason why most doctors in the u.s do not contour, or shape the womans body as close as they can get it to hour glass shape during a tummy... READ MORE

I am inquiring. I have given natural birth over 8 yrs ago. I've tried working out & I have changed my eating habits. (photo)

I am looking to be contoured, stretch marks removed, skin tightened, belly button natural looking, with minimum to no scaring visible. I am 220lbs and... READ MORE

TT surgery in less than a week & I'm worried for best outcome and confused with surgeon's position. Feel stuck/skeptical (Photo)

Having full TT & lipo of flanks/hips/back Jan 7. $16K total. Confident in my PS-he's accomplished in TTs, published, like him ok. Want to best address... READ MORE

What is recommended next, going in for revision follow up? Is this fixable? My scar (Photo)

About 1 year ago I went in for a full tummy tuck and pubic contouring. I didn't end up getting my muscles tighten. I wasn't a good candidate being... READ MORE

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